All of Doctor Strange’s Powers, Ranked

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe making Doctor Strange popular, fans have increased interest in the character. He is considered one of the most powerful figures in all of Marvel Comics, due to his mastery of the mystical aspects of the universe that has only grown over time.

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The interesting thing is that Doctor Strange does not have as great a variety of powers as is believed, but the superhero makes great use of those he possesses. Some of them are more useful than others, ranging from perks in battles to those that allow you to completely change reality.

10 Flight – Can be used in conjunction with other powers, but requires the cape

Doctor Strange has used it frequently, as the ability to fly has allowed him to evade attacks while producing his own to direct them towards enemies. The problem with this is that you need to use the Cloak of Levitation to make it dependent on flying.

Due to his control of the cloak, this is not a big deal, but it becomes a problem when his enemies incapacitate the cloak. Still, Doctor Strange’s levitation and flight have a kind of finesse, although other characters like Vision, Scarlet Witch, and many others have this ability.

9 Denial of the magic of evil: you can resist the forces of evil and remain a protagonist

Doctor Strange has traveled and learned all kinds of spells to avoid being corrupted by the influence of dark forces. In fact, this is a power in its own right, as it not only retains its sense of goodness, it actively denies evil magic.

This is done using the Eye of Agamotto and was seen in comics like Strange Tales # 115, with Doctor Strange instead using the Book of the Vishanti to learn about white magic seen in Strange Tales # 116. He’s more of an informed attribute than a full-blown power, but his use has been vital to keeping him a protagonist.

8 Withdrawal of power – The source of your power can be expanded by external means

This aspect has been neglected in the MCU for the most part, which has shown that Doctor Strange’s powers are totally intrinsic. In the comics he has obtained his powers from various entities, such as Oshtur, Raggadorr, Watoomb, Agamotto, and Ikonn.

To do this, Doctor Strange can have unlimited sources of power, since he can extract them in several ways. It’s not too deep a skill, as it doesn’t fully pertain to his own exploits, but the idea that Doctor Strange has so many options to keep his power in check is certainly helpful.

7 Clairvoyance – Can connect to different planes

When he’s not participating in superhero activities, Doctor Strange is shown in deep meditation as part of his efforts to learn more about the universe. This is related to his ability to clairvoyance, which allows him to access almost any realm.

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Doctor Strange is known to be able to separate good from evil, con artists from authentic personalities, and communicate with beings from other realms thanks to this ability. This ability is enhanced by the use of the Orb of Agamotto, as many other characters have sought its help.

6 Astral Projection – This allows you to travel to universes at will

This is an extension of your clairvoyance. Doctor Strange’s astral form is an even greater ability, as he has been shown to travel to different universes in person and experience the events that happen, while others can only perceive him if he wishes.

In essence, Doctor Strange can ensure that nothing is hidden from him, as his presence will be wherever he is traveling. The most important thing about this power is that it is almost invulnerable, since its astral form is incorporeal.

5 Weapons of Conjuration – They can challenge the most powerful enemies

Due to Doctor Strange’s prowess in combat, the addition of weapons is always a huge advantage. Even more so when said weapons are of his own design, since he has the power to conjure weapons according to his will.

Although Doctor Strange has shown a preference for swords and axes due to their mystical origins, they have been basically what he wants them to be. Conjured weapons come with their own magical abilities, and only other powerful beings can find a way to avoid their attacks.

4 force fields: protect you from powerful attacks and can also be used offensively

The magical elements of Doctor Strange’s powers mean that the shields he conjures can remain active as long as his will power remains strong. This has allowed him to withstand powerful blows from enemies, giving him the ability to create his own attacks.

Even more useful is when he creates force fields around his enemies, giving him an advantage that he can completely crush his enemies with his incredible strength. As with other powers, enemies with enormous durability can counter this move, although it is still effective at binding enemies.

3 Reality Bending – You can change the physics of reality

This is a more suitable power for the Scarlet Witch, but Doctor Strange has his own strength in this regard. His way of bending reality has to do with the change of the matter of things, with an object that becomes something totally different due to his will.

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He can also create matter on his own, and the summoning of swords falls within this ability. Doctor Strange can change the physics of things to the point that they can appear out of nowhere. For Strange, reality is almost what he wants it to be.

2 Time reversal – Time bends to your will

With the Gem / Stone in his possession, Doctor Strange can control his own time. The MCU included this aspect, with everything related to the Time Stone involving Doctor Strange. In Avengers: Infinity War, he used it to see over 14 million possibilities to make sure the one the heroes won came true.

He is known to trap enemies in time loops, unable to escape until he wants them out. Battles are easily won because the time control function is your best weapon at times, and only story armor saves your opponents.

1 Teleportation and removal from the battlefield: enemies can be sent to their doom

It has been debated many times why Doctor Strange didn’t just kill Thanos, the MCU villain, with his ability to open portals, as he could have closed them around Thanos to slice him open. In any case, teleportation and portal conjuring remain his most powerful asset.

The way to ensure victory is by employing the Elimination of the Battlefield, which consists of opening a portal to a distant area and sending the opponent there, effectively winning the battle since they have no way to return. Doctor Strange could easily create a portal to the sun and throw enemies there, and the only reason it’s not always done is to keep the character’s sense of conflict.