Tonight, head for Le Chnord with Cyril Lignac! The chef shares with us his endive recipe with maroilles ham for a 100% Ch’ti meal! You too can make this chef’s recipe at home, and easily impress your guests. It’s your turn !

The recipe for endives with maroilles ham by Cyril Lignac

The ingredients for 4 people :

8 full-ground endives 20g butter (for cooking endives) 1.5 liters of cubed stock or vegetables 55g of semi-salted butter 55g of flour 75cl of whole milk 1 egg yolk 1/2 Maroilles cut into cubes without the rind 25 cl of liquid cream 8 slices fine white ham Sugar Fine salt and freshly ground pepper

Utensils :

To make Cyril Lignac’s recipe for endives with maroilles ham, you need:

1 saucepan + 1 skimmer + 1 dish + 1 paring knife + 1 board 1 saucepan + 1 whisk + 1 tablespoon + 1 dish

The stages of preparation of endives with ham and maroilles by Cyril Lignac:

Step 1 : preheat the oven to 190 ° C. On the board, place the endives and using a paring knife, remove the heart of the endive by forming a turn on itself. In a hot sauté pan, place a piece of butter, let it melt, add the endives and let the butter soak up, season them with salt and add a nice pinch of sugar. Pour in the vegetable broth or cube. Leave to cook for 15 minutes.

2nd step : while the endives are cooking, in a saucepan, pour the 55g of butter, let them melt and add the flour, mix and cook for a few minutes, add the milk and cook together, pour in the cream, cook for 7 minutes. The sauce will thicken naturally in béchamel.

Step 3: off the heat, add the egg yolk. Then add half the cubes of Maroilles. Mix and season with pepper, check the salt. Reserve aside.

Step 4: check the cooking of the endives with the tip of a small paring knife, it should easily enter the flesh of the vegetable. In this case, drain the endives on a dish. Spread the slices of ham on your work surface, place your endives on top and roll them up inside, then place the endives in a dish next to each other. Pour the béchamel on top and place a few cubes of Maroilles if you want it to be even more delicious.

Step 5: drop the rest of Maroilles. Bake for 15 minutes to brown.

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