All HBO Premieres of the Week: Albert Nobbs and The Wife for Glen Close Fans | Entertainment

The week on HBO is complete with content for the oldest of the house, but also for the little ones. Films like Albert Nobbs hit the platform, one of Glen Close’s best work.

There aren’t any big HBO productions coming this week, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any interesting news. In both feature films and series there are interesting titles for all tastes and ages with which to have a good time this week.

It seems that the leading actress of the week is Glen Close, with two premieres on the platform. One is Wife where he shares the bill with Jonathan Pryce, in a marriage where the success of one can be asphyxiating for the other. A drama in which both actors once again show off with impeccable work.

The same happens with Albert Nobbs, few are the films in the Close not make it clear why she is one of the best valued actresses. In this case, he plays a 19th century Irish butler who hides a secret: he is a woman. The sobriety and simplicity with which Glen Close manages to convince the public that he considers himself a man is the key, far from stereotypes and exaggerated gestures.

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For those looking for lighter content to watch as a family, it has the second season of Superman and Lois, the new version of the Lois and Clark series now played by Bitsie Tulloch and Tyler Hoechlin.

There is also the Sing movie, an animation tape to disconnect from the problems of reality and laugh and sing without shame. This is a cute and fun story of self-improvement and confidence that brought together great actors in the voice cast like Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton and Tori Kelly in the original version. In Spain the dubbing Santi Millán, Paco León and Concha Velasco, among others.


Superman & Lois (T-2): may 19 Cocomelon (T-1): May 21th


Wife: may 19 Sing, come and sing!: May 21th Perfect sense: May 21th Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and Sherwood Mouse: May 21th Albert Nobbs: May 21th

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