All cases where overtaking is prohibited

When a driver is about to overtake another car, he must ensure that the right circumstances exist. Be careful, doing it in these cases is prohibited.

April 5, 2021 (1:50 PM CET)

When overtaking is prohibited.  Photo: iStock.When overtaking is prohibited. Photo: iStock.

A overtaking is a maneuver that always carries some risk. If a driver wants to overtake another vehicle on the road, you must make sure of certain details beforehand: that it is legal to carry out the maneuver, that no vehicle is coming from the opposite direction, that it has sufficient visibility, that it does not exceed the maximum speed of the road, that it signals all its movements and that your vehicle will be able to do the maneuver with ease.

Now the DGT it remind us in which cases overtaking is prohibited. It is clear that, on a secondary road, the solid line indicates that the maneuver is prohibited, and usually it is this line that marks in which situations you will be able to overtake or not. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have clear concepts –Especially the lack of visibility–, since there may be some road, especially mountain roads, that is not so well signposted and we have doubts.

Overtaking The DGT reminds us of the situations in which overtaking is prohibited.

Above all, and as the DGT reminds us, “circulate without haste” and do not overtake “like crazy”. In these 7 situations overtaking is prohibited:

Curves without visibility: If the road itself does not allow the driver to see who is coming from the front, do not attempt to overtake.

Behind a truck that is passing: the latter, due to its greater volume, makes it difficult for the passing driver to see.

Grade changes: the double slope of the road prevents us from seeing the opposite direction.

Level crossings and surroundings: the vehicle we are passing reduces lateral visibility.

Intersections and proximities: be very careful, since the driver who is overtaking cannot see the vehicles approaching from his right.

Crosswalks: in urban areas, if you approach a zebra crossing, avoid overtaking, as we may not see the pedestrian crossing.

Tunnels with only one lane in each direction.

How to pass safely.