all available plans and their prices

Google decided at the time, like many other cloud service companies, to package all its payment services within a single product. A product that received the name of Google One and that includes since then different payment storage options for services like Gmail, Drive or Google Photos.

One was launched and thus the Mountain View company divided its cloud storage service into two fairly classic aspects: One for regular users and Drive for business users. Thus One has remained for the vast majority of users while Drive is the (non-commercial) name of storage for Google Workplace users, the old G Suite.

What exactly is Google One

Google One is the business name for Gmail account users of the company’s cloud storage. As we said before, One is the name for common users while Drive is for commercial users, those of Workplace accounts. It’s about paid and centralized storage. That is, to share among all your online services.

If with our Gmail account we get 15GB of free storage for Gmail, Google Drive and Docs (and now also for Google Photos), with Google One we can acquire extra storage, starting with a plan of 100GB of space as the most basic of all. Google One is contractable both from the mobile and from the computer, it is enough to have an Internet browser at hand. Or simply by downloading its management app.

Google One offers, like other Google services and the like, a Family plan. That means that within the service we can configure a group of up to six people, including our account, and thus share the contracted storage between all accounts. You do not have to pay extra, you simply share the space between all users until it is used up. If it runs out, of course.

Available plans and pricing for Google One

As we have mentioned, Google One has a basic payment plan that offers us 100GB of space in its cloud although we can continue to use the 15GB of free space that they give us simply for having a Google Active account. The different price plans offered Google One are as follows:

15GB free for being a gmail user.
100GB for 1.99 euros / month or 19.99 euros / year.
200GB for 2.99 euros / month or 29.99 euros / year.
2TB for 9.99 euros / month or 99.99 euros / year.

If we are clients of Workplace, we have to go to Drive to purchase professional space in the cloud and here some rates disappear and some more powerful ones appear, leaving the prices as follows:

15GB free for being a Workplace user (plan already discontinued).
100GB for 1.99 euros / month or 19.99 euros / year.
1TB for 9.99 euros / month or 99.99 euros / year.
2TB for 19.99 euros / month.
10TB for 99.99 euros / month.
20TB for 199.99 euros / month.
30TB for 299.99 euros / month.

To hire space in Drive (Workplace business accounts) we will have to go to this address.


Here are the prices for Google One, Google’s shared storage for Drive and Photos