All angles! Daniella Chávez forgets her blouse and more than that

All angles! Daniella Chávez forgets her blouse and more than that | Instagram

Beauty that overflows! The beautiful model and Chilean singer Daniella Chávez greatly surprised her followers by leaving aside a blouse, pants, dress, any outfit and only taking a thread to model in her most recent video.

Daniella Chávez shared on her secondary Instagram account a short recording that left thousands speechless, as the sportscaster decided to model her charms and record them herself with her cell phone.

The Bride of the America’s Cup With nothing on her upper body, she leaned back a little to record herself from the front, considering that behind her there was a huge mirror that would capture much more of her anatomy.

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The beautiful Daniella Chavez She used a huge hat and only a thread to model and with a more than flirtatious look she captured herself from the front and the back, leaving very little to the imagination of those who watch her video.

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The cute Dany took the opportunity to share her plans with her followers, she was ready to go to the beach, could she do it without wearing any other garment? After a moment of relaxation in this beautiful place, this beautiful woman would dedicate her time to those who have made her truly successful: her followers.

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Daniella Chávez commented that she would spend a while on her exclusive content page, responding to the messages of those who follow her in that place and thanking them for their support at all times. Chávez has proven to be a grateful and simple woman.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex does not miss the opportunity to thank also in the way that Internet users love the most: with more images and content about her and her day to day, where she always looks more than flirtatious and beautiful.

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