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Opel gives it all with it new Mokka, which comes stomping to the competitor small SUV segment. Completely renovated and manufactured on the advanced CMP platform, this model of 4.15 meters in length and 5 seats it perfectly embodies the values ​​of the brand: it is German, affordable and exciting.

Designed to awaken emotions, a bold look on the outside and exclusive and pure on the inside make it the target of many looks. The new Mokka, true to Opel’s tradition of providing innovative higher segment technologies to a wide range of customers, incorporates advanced driver assistance systems.

A fully digitized driving position further reinforces its technological image as well as its information and entertainment offer, which includes the Multimedia Radio and Multimedia Navi systems, with 7 inch color touch screen, and the Multimedia Navi Pro at the top of the range, with a 10 inch high resolution color touch screenyou give.

Opel Mokka 2021

The Opel Mokka starts with a price that starts at 18,300 euros. The brand offers very special financing: from 240 euros per month, without entry, to be paid in 47 installments, with an APR of 6.37 percent and a final installment of 10,528.59.

In addition, Opel offers a unique service in the Spanish market. With “We take it home”It is the car itself that is presented at the customer’s home so that the driving experience can be lived in the first person. Free and without obligation of any kind, you will have the chosen vehicle at your home once you register on the Opel website.

The efficiency of the Opel Mokka

With efficiency by flag, the Opel Mokka has an interesting supply of heat engines with low consumption and good performance, from the 1.2T in 110 CV and 130 CV until the diesel 1.5D of 110 CV. And it is that Opel has always opted for careful aerodynamics, that is why the exterior design of the new Mokka is very efficient in this section. With a coefficient of penetration (Cx) of just 0.32, it is one of the lowest in its segment, which in turn translates into lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

095 Opel Mokka e 512 529 0Opel Mokka 2021: this is its interior.

The basis of its good aerodynamic efficiency is its front surface. In addition, to counteract the resistance to advance offered by rims, tires and wheel arches, it has some innovative air curtains that increase aerodynamic efficiency in this area. It also benefits from an active grill that further reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency by automatically closing the front opening when air for cooling is not needed.

The design of the Opel Mokka

In its 4.15 meters in length there is a lot of concentrated design. The Mokka is the first model of the German brand to debut the new and personal front of the prototype Opel Vizor, providing horizontality to the vehicle, and being the first to also display its name in the center of the tailgate, below the redesigned Blitz logo. Its new optical groups stand out, which can be made of matrix LEDs, with a very slim design; or lower air intakes with active blinds.

In its interior, highlights the fully digitized and focused high-tech cockpit (Opel Pure Panel), with large screens perfectly integrated and where physical controls have been reduced to a minimum.

Opel Mokka-eOpel Mokka 2021.

The technology of the new Opel Mokka

At the Mokka, Opel continues its tradition of offering innovative technologies from higher segments. The best example is the option of the IntelliLux LED® matrix lighting completely adaptive that does not cause glare and is unique in this category. All versions of the Mokka feature LED front and rear headlights, electric handbrake and traffic sign recognition as standard.

It also includes, so optional, adaptive cruise control, active lane keep assist and rear view camera 180 degree panoramic. All Mokka are digital natives and offer two possible configurations: the standard, in Edition, Business Elegance and GS Line finishes, and the Ultimate, more luxurious.

The Opel Mokka-e: the 100% electric version

In its engines offer the Opel SUV has a 100% electric version. The Mokka-e has a 136 hp with 250 Nm of torque, 50 kWh batteries with an on-board charger of 7.4 kW in alternating current – 11 kW optional – and up to 100 kW in continuous. There are three driving modes, Sport being the only one in which the engine performs at 100%. Normal, limits the power to 109 CV and 180 Nm of torque; and Eco reduces it to 82 CV and 180 Nm, being useful exclusively for urban circulation.

Opel Mokka-eOpel Mokka-e

The 50 kWh battery offers a range of up to 324 kilometers, Which is equivalent to an average consumption of 17.4 kWh / 100 km. The touch of this version is truly exquisite, also its mechanical response and attention to detail.

Opel Mokka 2021: your comfort on board

The excellent confection of seating is a regular Opel feature. The Mokka offers several ergonomic six-way adjustable seats, which can be individually adjusted. The interior upholstery can be in Alcantara or a more classic leather, materials very unusual in a B-segment model. The leather seat with its perforated surface, heated and with massage function for the driver is the top of the range.

The comfort in the new Mokka is also enhanced by elements such as the automatic climate control (standard on the Mokka-e), Solar Protect thermally insulated glazing and Quickheat rapid heating system.

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