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In August 2016, one of DC’s most anticipated titles arrived. The trailer promised, the promotion reached the top … Until the end of the film hit theaters, and the reaction of the critics was not what was expected. Happy or not, the public behaved at the box office as expected. The film grossed 746 million worldwide. It was also the first film in the DC Comics extended universe to win an Oscar.

As usual, the film was announced before the first hit theaters. In March 2016 it was announced that there was going to be a sequel. We finally found out that David Yesterday He would not take the reins in the new project and since then names and names began to sound to direct the second part: Mel Gibson, Jaume Collet-Serra, among others. In September 2017, it was announced that Warner had Gavin o’connor. However, a year later the study announced that the second part was going to be carried out by James Gunn, the manager of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, after his departure from Disney in July 2018. From one Universe to another.

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What is Gunn going to prepare for us with his entry into DC? Hopefully he puts the controversies aside and that his relationship with the cast goes well, and that no past tweets get in the way of the resulting work.

one.‘Suicide Squad 2’ Release Date

In January 2019, the date of arrival to theaters was announced. And we are sorry, but you have to be patient: ‘The Suicide Squad’ will arrive in the States on August 6, while it seems that in Spain its date is set for a week before: July 30, 2021. At the moment it is one of the few titles that has not undergone a reorganization in the premiere calendar due to the health alarm and the consequent stoppage caused by COVID-19. What’s more, James Gunn himself recently stated that it presumably goes on like this: “At this point there is no reason for (the) release date to move.”

2. ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Synopsis

The first drafts were written by Adam Cozad. Then Todd Stashwick, but ultimately it will be a story written by Gunn himself. The official title of the film is ‘The Suicide Squad’, and at first it was rumored that the filmmaker would reboot the story. A possible title had even been revealed, but it looks like it was tentative for filming and could change. It has already been confirmed that the story is not a second part of the first. Gunn, who respects Ayer’s work, has insisted that this is a separate story we saw in 2016.

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Now, what will it be about? Some rumors suggested that it can be told from the villain’s perspective, or that he, whoever he is, will take a relevant role in the plot. But what has been said, for now there is nothing confirmed by Warner Bros. What does seem increasingly clear is that the film could be not suitable for children under 13 years, given the R rating of ‘Birds of prey’, which has been not having helped the tape Harley quinn has stayed so low in the box office.

Gunn had already acknowledged that he is delighted with his creature: the filmmaker has recently acknowledged that the story written for this production is his favorite script. In addition, he has put a lot of care in the production, with the particularity that, from what he himself has said, there will be many more handcrafted effects than those that usually exist today in a tape of these characteristics. And as for the plot, Gunn stands firm by saying that if the plot calls for it, some other character may die, given that DC has given him carte blanche for the project.

Now the synopsis has been known, and it already presents the location in which it will be developed:

“Welcome to Hell, also known as Belle Reve, the prison with the highest death rate in the United States of America. Where the worst supervillains serve sentence and who will do anything to get out, even join the super secret mission in the Super Secret Task Force X Project .. Today’s Life or Death Task? Accompany a select group of convicts including Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, Ratcatcher 2, Savant, King Shark, Blackguard, Javelin, and the favorite psychopath Everyone: Harley Quinn, then give them weapons and drop them (literally) on Corto Maltese’s remote island full of enemies. After walking or through a jungle packed with militant adversaries and guerrilla forces at every turn, the Squad is on a search and destroy mission with only Colonel Rick Flag on the ground for them to behave … and with Amanda Waller’s voice in their ears to track their every move. And as always, a mov false impression and they are dead (either at the hands of their opponents, a teammate, or Waller herself). If someone wants to make bets, they are all against them, against all of them. “

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3. ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Cast

After a long time of conjecture, the director finally confirmed the (extensive) cast that would make up his ‘Suicide Squad’. Among the first names to be confirmed was that of Margot robbie, which at that time was preparing the spin-off of his character, to be Harley Quinn again. They also return from the previous installment Viola Davis again as Amanda Waller and Jai courtney and Joel kinnaman to be Captain Boomerang and Rick Flagg, respectively.

The one that seems to be missing is Will Smith. Due to scheduling reasons, the actor will not be able to be in the new appointment under Gunn’s baton. That does not mean that his character, Deadshot, comes with another face. It was considered that Idris Elba went to take the witness from Smith. However, this will not be the case. The actor will get into the skin of another character.

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Another new name that joins the ranks is that of the actor John Cena, possibly taking the role of Peacemaker (which was to be for Dave Bautista but cannot for scheduling reasons). David Dastmalchian (‘Blade Runner 2049’) will play Polka-Dot Man. The role of Ratcatcher will be played by Daniela Melchior. Of the role that will play Nathan fillion, the last to join the cast, nothing is known at the moment.



An actor that Gunn knows well has also joined: it is about Benicio, the bull. Apparently the actor has all the ballots to stay with the role of villain in this film. And the new Batman? Can we see him? Gunn himself has commented that Bruce Wayne has his own new movie, ‘The Batman’. But of course, you never know.

In summary, this is the whole cast, which Gunn himself published on social networks:

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Numerous, diverse … And very crazy! To those that we already saw in the previous one, there are names that had already been mentioned, and there have been surprises such as the Spanish actor Juan Diego Botto. The Spanish actor will be surrounded by good company. Gunn actually uploaded a photo with part of his cast to his account. He must be very proud of all of them.

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When he finished filming, he also showed a snapshot of his own personal account. And of course he only has good words for the entire team of this film, which, as he commented, has coincided with the filming of difficult personal moments.

And when no one thought there could be more surprises with the casting … Gunn announces Sylvester Stallone in the cast via Instagram! He did take a liking to him when directing him in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’. He has already revealed it on his Instagram account: he is King Shark.

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4. ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Images

Filming began last September and ended in the first quarter of 2020. Gunn himself announced that he had “wrapped” the tape – saved by the bell – last March:

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However, no official image of the film has arrived (yet). What we do have are snapshots of the actors in full action during the filming time. The style that Cena will have in the film has already been seen, or the new look of Harley Quinn, which has already shared scenes with Idris Elba.

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In addition, the director has shared a first poster of the film that gave certain clues about the story, but without revealing anything relevant.

the suicide squad poster


New exclusive images of the film have also arrived from Empire.

image from the movie 'the suicide', published exclusively in empire magazine

Warner Bros.

the cast in a still from the movie 'the suicide squad', previewed in empire magazine

Warner Bros.

The posters of each character have already been published, each one more particular and colorful. Do you already have your favorite?

And the official poster of the film was released a few hours before the expected trailer.

poster the suicide squad, the suicide squad, by james gunn

Warner Bros.

5. ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Trailer

What the fandom expected is that with the arrival of the Comic-con The first footage of Gunn’s tape arrived, but for the first time in its history the event was canceled due to the coronavirus. Even so, finally, Gunn announced it on his social networks, first the poster came, and then the trailer.

We add the official twitter so you can see it, since YouTube does not allow you to share the advance in any other way.

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