All a tigress! Manelyk shows off her micro swimsuit

All a tigress!  Manelyk shows off in a micro swimsuit (Instagram)

All a tigress! Manelyk shows off in a micro swimsuit | Instagram

The young model, businesswoman, singer and Internet personality Manelyk González has managed to attract the attention of her followers thanks to an image where she appears showing off her figure like a feline when wearing a two-piece swimsuit that leaves very little to the imagination.

As you well know Mane It is characterized by having a spectacular figure that never hesitates to show it off while wearing tight, short or in this case swimsuits as captivating and revealing as possible.

In something that undoubtedly his more than 10 million followers on Instagram, they agree is that it was fortunate that Manelyk has entered the MTV reality show the well-known Acapulco shore.

Although throughout the seasons of reality we had the opportunity to meet other characters who have also been quite striking, but without a doubt it has been Mane who has taken the crown on several occasions, in addition to being fascinated by fighting it and claiming it as the queen she is.

Manelyk She became a recognized model and also a businesswoman with the passing of the Acapulco Shore seasons, with each of her appearances she became more famous, she has reached such a point that she became the member of Aca Shore with the most followers in her social networks, including Celia Lora, who despite not being a full part of reality, was an important key during some seasons like La Boss.

Thanks to the affection and admiration that Mane’s fans have for her, she herself returns those feelings through interesting and captivating photographs, such as one of the most recent where she is enjoying the sun on top of a yacht.

The pretty Mane He surely dedicated this photograph to his “little birds” that is how he fondly refers to his fandom, wearing a swimsuit with an animal print print and a combination of white and orange colors. I ended up drawing even more attention, especially for how he was posing.


While she is lying down, her charms and hips stand out quite a bit because of the pose she is in, although her body is not fully shown, it is just as fiery to see her “Ponte pa mi …” Was the description with which it was accompanied.

On constant occasions, 31-year-old Manelyk González is one of the most followed Acapulco Shore personalities on social networks, especially due to the controversies in which she has been involved throughout the seven seasons of Acapulco Shore.

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With more than a thousand publications on Instagram and its ten million fans, they far surpass Twitter where it is about to reach half a million followers, although in the Instagram App where it usually shares more atr3vid publications, in the microblogging service it is makes relatively less.

Taking advantage of her popularity on social networks and television, Mane became a very good businesswoman as she has launched several products for sale with which she has done quite well according to her own words.

Something that has attracted a lot of attention in Mane is that in an interview she admitted to being a bit shy, something with which her little birds will surely not coincide, since she is quite easy throughout the reality, perhaps this habit or trait of her personality has changed Throughout the years, as well as her character of which we can be sure, is that the only thing that has not changed in her throughout these years is her originality.

That is why her followers adore her, for the simple fact of being someone original is that she has attracted so much attention, in addition to her relationship with another member of the house: Jawy, today they live together, they have released several songs and also both are business partners.

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