All a beauty! Yanet García poses in a cute red outfit

All a beauty! Yanet García poses in a cute red outfit | Instagram

The beauty conductive Yanet García set fire to social networks with this outfit that to be true will leave you speechless, since most of her figure was exposed and left very, very little to the imagination of the users.

The truth is that we cannot be indifferent to the beauty of Yanet García, since the fittest girl on Instagram continues to steal sighs from her followers every day with the attractive images she shares on her official Instagram account.

Yanet lets us see every part of her daily life in this little camera’s social network and although she continues to inspire us not to put aside our exercise routines, this time the actress also captivated her admirers with a photo where she left very little for the imagination, and all thanks to one of the most flirtatious sets of l3nc3ría we’ve seen to this day.

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In her latest Instagram post, the pretty ex weather girl He posed in underwear wearing a two-piece set in red which aroused sighs from his followers and the compliments were not long in coming.


This photograph was shared just a couple of hours ago and so far it has almost 100,000 likes from users of the famous social network.

On the other hand, Yanet García continues unstoppable on her way to fame and the fact is that the influencer, after abandoning her job as the weather girl on Televisa, has continued to promote her career through other platforms, one of them related to the Fitness world.

A few days ago, Yanet’s followers asked her questions at the request of the actress and host, which were published by herself on her Instagram stories, where she confirmed the end of her relationship with Lewis Howes.

One of the users questioned the actress as follows: “Do you have a boyfriend?” (Do you have a boyfriend ?, to which the famous, who became known as “the Weather Girl”, answered with a strong “no” in capital letters followed by several exclamation points that accentuated the answer.

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To be true, rumors have been circulating for months about the alleged separation of the couple since both stopped sharing photos together and Yanet deleted the publications where both celebrities appeared.

It should be noted that the couple made their courtship known in April 2019 when they visited a Disney amusement park in the United States, the athlete’s native country.

The relationship was brought to the public when the host uploaded a photo of the two together to their social networks.

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Lewis is a 38-year-old retired athlete, in his youth he played basketball for New York University and later became selected to represent his country in international competitions.

And as if that weren’t enough, he was also part of an American football team that was part of the Arena Football League, where he served as a receiver and left a good reputation for performance in his wake.

It should be noted that the rumors that affirmed the separation of the couple began to emerge after Yanet announced the creation of his account in Only Fans, a digital platform in which famous personalities deposit content, be it photos or videos, for the consumption of users paying individual memberships.

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