All the tennis players have spent a little over two months without being able to train and the return to the courts becomes much more complicated. A high intensity training can involve injuries and that is why the advised tennis players of your physical trainers are going from less to more as the days go by. French tennis player Alizé Cornet In an interview with Tennis Majors, he talks about the importance of this a few months after the return of professional tennis.

-Incorporation to training after confinement:

“I was around seven or eight weeks without being able to play tennis and the beginning of training was very hard. Every day when I arrived at the Patrick Mouratoglou Academy, I had a temperature check to see if I had symptoms or not. Everyone is very cautious inside. All the coaches wear masks, the gym is only enabled for tennis players and at the moment it seems that the situation is going well. We are already getting used to living with this new normality. “

-Little by little with the passing of training:

“I started training three or four weeks ago, when the Academy opened. The first day was a very smooth session and right now I train around three or four times a week. I don’t want to train every day because I haven’t been playing for a long time. tennis and injuries could show up. I’m trying not to get too bruised and physically cool. I’m fine, although I started feeling some shoulder pain the other day, but I think it’s because the body needs time to come back to get used to the intensity of the training sessions. I think in a month I should be reaching my best tennis level. “

-How was it prepared during confinement:

“They were very difficult days, but finally I was very active. I told myself that I needed to exercise a lot to avoid losing my physical shape. And finally I did it. Every day I trained for hour or hour and a half in the garage of my house And that helped me. My physical therapist helped me a lot, since we talked a lot during the running of the bulls and he told me what exercises he had to do. the risk of injury is even higher. This is known to all tennis players. “

-The best players prefer not to risk:

“The ten best players do not care if the Grand Slams are played or not, since they have no financial problems, far from it, but we have to think about all the players who need to play to be able to stay in this sport. Right now We are in a health and economic crisis and very difficult times are coming in the world of sports. “