According to rumors, it is the war between Alix and Beverly in The Princes and Princesses of Love 8. We reveal the reasons for this conflict in this article.

The filming of Princes and Princesses of Love season 8 is currently taking place! And W9 has just formalized part of the cast which will bring together Mujdat, Kellyn, Bastien Grimal, Alix and Beverly.

And between these last two the atmosphere is obviously not in good shape according to the Instagram account @post_tvv.

Alix cold with Beverly in The Princes and Princesses of Love 8?

As you probably know, clashes and rivalries are customary in this environment.

Vivian, clashed by Alix?

According to the capture unveiled by the gossip account, Beverly does not like Alix following an interview in which she slammed her ex, Vivian Grimigni. Indeed, Alix would have mentioned her eye problem (and not “oricular”!) Words that remain across the throat of Beverly who was very affected by this misplaced valve.

Beverly Bello and Vivian Grimigni

Indeed, Alix’s outspokenness is not always appreciated by other reality TV candidates. Lately she had also clashed the candidates who put the Prada logo forward on their bob like Jazz Correia. A tackle that did not go unnoticed since Laurent’s wife replied to him on the networks.

Alix is ​​making a comeback

Since the Marseillais season in the Caribbean, Alix had not accepted other programs. Some rumors echoed a potential boycott of W9 because the candidate was not “malleable” enough for production. Remarks recently denied by Alix who revealed to be in the casting of a show of the same channel.

And we now know that they are the Princes and Princesses of Love 8. The fans are already looking forward to the new adventure of Benjamin Samat’s ex and are eager to see it at work with his repartee legendary… All we wish for the beautiful Alix, after her many misadventures with her ex from Marseille, is to find love with a capital A!

What do you think of the cast of LPDLA8 ?