Alistan ‘The Continental’, prequel to ‘John Wick’ – The News of Chihuahua – Between the lines

The fourth part of John Wick is in the works, but also a prequel entitled The Continental is coming, it is a miniseries.

The television series will narrate the origins of the hotel of assassins, during three episodes of 90 minutes each, announced The Hollywood Reporter.

Although it does not have a release date, The Continental is already in pre-production and it is known that episodes one and three will be directed by the director of The Book of Eli, Albert Hughes, while it is not yet defined who could direct the second chapter.

“In the story of the prequel there is a young man who starts out as a paid hotelier who, along with others, creates a haven for unpleasant types, all in a context of the 1970s in New York,” details the specialized site.

The official synopsis of the miniseries is still unknown but it transpired that it will narrate the origin of the hotel of assassins four decades before the original events of John Wick, with a young Winston who one day will become the veteran owner of the Continental hotel in New York.

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