Alicia Vikander, Terence Winter and a ‘Perfect Crime’ TV series

Alicia vikander

As Variety reports, after influencing countless movies and television series over the years, Alfred Hitchcock’s classic mystery drama, ‘Perfect Crime‘come to life on the small screen after Oscar winner Alicia Vikander (‘ Tomb Raider ‘) and Emmy-winning screenwriter and film and television producer Terence Winter (‘ The Sopranos’) have teamed up with MGM / UA Television.

The new project is described as a reinvention of Hitchcock’s film adaptation and Frederick Knott’s play of the same name, which shifts the central narrative perspective towards a female point of view compared to the original male-led story. The new version will be written and created by Michael Mitnick, who previously appeared on the HBO series ‘Vinyl’.

The original 1954 film centers on Tony Wendice (Ray Milland), a cold and calculating former professional tennis player who wants to murder his beautiful and wealthy wife Margot (Grace Kelly), because he suspects her of being unfaithful, although what interests him most is to keep your fortune. To carry out his plan, he blackmails a former army comrade into entering the house in his absence and strangling Margot. Things go wrong, as Margot remains alive and Tony must find a way to outwit the police.

Vikander will star and executive produce the series through his Vikarious Film label, along with Vikarious executive Charles Collier, Terence Winter, 1.21’s Andrew Mittman and Lloyd Braun. After exploring the small screen with the ‘Dark Crystal’ prequel, ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’, Vikander will have his first major television project in the United States in this series.