Alicia Machado showed her ‘naked tail’ from a hotel bathroom and sent a powerful message

Alicia Machado showed her rear and set fire to social networks.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer. / Getty Images

The Venezuelan Alicia machado caused a commotion in Instagram by showing his rear ‘naked’ or at least, wearing a tiny dental floss from the mirror of a hotel bathroom where he was staying in Mexico. The ex miss Universe He is in Aztec land doing part of his new project and also, celebrating something very big in his career, the return to acting.

‘I HOPE to make some impact with my photo! That it is nothing more than a lifestyle for years that refers to my gender and that many want just to live together! I feel so fabulous that I even love myself more! Good night ‘, was the message with which the businesswoman also accompanied her message that, if we read between the lines, she speaks of self-love, of wanting to do whatever she wants without permission or approval from anyone. As he has let know in multiple interviews.

Hours later, he took the opportunity to thank the press for the coverage of his stay at Mexico and above all to what has always been his home, Televisa. TO Alicia She looks very happy, focused and above all in the spirit of not generating any kind of controversy and that was evidenced in this latest publication.

No doubt Alicia machado She is a woman who has not only grown professionally but also personally, whose years of experience are evidenced without much effort. Amen to continue being one of the exponents of the most important feminine beauty in the world.