The Venezuelan entertains herself with various activities and showing part of her statuesque body

The ex miss Universe Alice Machado She has been one of the famous Latinas who has been most active on social networks during this time of quarantine. There have been many activities that we have seen her do, from dancing to cooking. But, this time, the former beauty queen went to the terrace of her new home in Miami to plant flowers.

As everyone already knows how outgoing the Venezuelan is, they were not surprised that she carried out the task of planting wearing a bikini and a hat. That is to say, at the same time that she placed the seeds in a pot, she sunbathed her body, which has seen more fitness in recent months as a result of the intense training that the actress and businesswoman has been doing.

Without a doubt, surely you will see more than Alice Machado doing different activities that entertain her and her daughter Dinora. But, if there is no doubt, it is that it will be shown more in bikinis because we already know that the former beauty queen loves to sunbathe on her new and luxurious terrace.