Alicia Machado Most famous and controversial Miss Universe?

Getty Images Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado attends the 2016 Latin American Music Awards at Dolby Theater on October 6, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

It has been 26 years since the Venezuelan Alicia Machado appeared stomping in the entertainment world. This young woman born in 1976 was crowned the most beautiful woman in her country in 1995, and a year later she became the most beautiful woman in the universe.

At just 18 years old, this young Venezuelan became the most controversial woman of all the Miss Universe contests, after she started her reign with the left foot. Alicia began to gain weight, reaching 8 kilos more in just 4 months after being crowned in May, an event that became a headache for the Miss Universe Organization, which at that time had as owner of the pageant to Donald Trump.

Immersed in a situation of criticism and pressure that rumored that the title of Miss Universe would be withdrawn, the Venezuelan submitted to the businessman and owner of the contest to present her to the media, exercising in front of television cameras.

In a recording of the time, Trump is seen saying, smiling: “With what he has gained in weight, you can tell he likes to eat.”

Alicia referred to these dealings by saying that “He imposed a lot on me, he yelled at me all the time. He would tell me you look fat and sometimes he would play with me and he would say ‘Hello Miss Piggy’.

Consequently, to all the derision and humiliation, Miss Universe decided to undergo exercises and a strict diet in an attempt to regain her silhouette, and in addition to the fact that the queen was prohibited from giving interviews to the press, and even more. be photographed, since the extra kilos were something that “could undermine the image that a Miss Universe should display.”


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Your eating disorders

In an interview with the ‘Suelta La Sopa’ program, the former queen revealed that she suffered from different disorders due to the constant criticism she received: “What happens is that the appreciation of yourself, identity disorders, school bullying and all these psychological phenomena to which we are now exposed are things that I lived, suffered and endured ”, he commented.

I was submerged in complex diseases for more than six years. Bulimia, anorexia, eating disorders, identity disorders and all of that was the product of a lot of bullying. That brought me a lot of rebellion, he assured. Machado also assured that he became a victim of addictions. “I reached difficult times, I had addiction problems, particularly diet pills, which are mixed with amphetamines. I’ve never had a problem of any other kind, let’s say entertainment addiction. Thank God vices were always far from me ”, adding that“ The combination of fame, money, immaturity and ‘bullying’ is an atomic bomb for anyone ”, he declared.

How was your life after handing over the crown?

After delivering the title that accredited her as one of the most beautiful women in the universe, Alicia Machado found herself immersed in a series of scandals. One of them happened just in 1998 when she started her acting career and made her debut in the novel “Samantha”.

At that time, her boyfriend was accused of attempting to murder his brother-in-law, a charge for which he fled, and for which the ex-queen was accused of being his accomplice. According to El País.

The judge in the Maximiliano Fuenmayor case accused her of threatening him with death, and of telling him that he was going to take advantage of his friendship with the then president of Venezuela Rafael Caldera and “was going to take care of ending his career as a judge, who did not have much money, but that she was a personal friend of the President of the Republic, and that later she was going to kill him ”.

Regarding this threat, the judge said that he recognized that what she had done was the product of her immaturity and her young age. This performance by Alicia almost sent her to prison.

Later with all the political situation in Venezuela in 2000, the former Miss Universe emigrated to the United States, where she settled, due to the constant harassment to which she was subjected by the deceased son of the newly elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. “One of the reasons why I left the country in 2000 was because I constantly had the son of the unnameable harassing me,” was what Machado said verbatim. These statements by the former queen came at a time when the Miss Venezuela Organization was involved in a prostitution scandal that involved queens with public officials.

But again, the scandal came to Machado’s life in 2006, when he starred in a sexual scene in the reality show ‘La Granja’, in Spain. After a night of drinking, she went to bed with another participant of the reality show, a situation that led to the end of her dating relationship with baseball player Bob Abreu.

However, the stumbling blocks of the former queen and actress did not stop. Some of her tweets have made her look bad. In 2010 he asked for prayers for the two Chinas, when he meant the two Koreas, and the same happened when he criticized the ‘Brazilian’ Cristiano Ronaldo, when in reality he is Portuguese.

Likewise, the former Miss Universe surprised and scandalized the entertainment world, when she stated that in the past she had relationships with women, including that she liked to kiss with those who were “her girlfriends.”

Her role as mother

Alicia Machado was the mother in June 2008 of a girl whom she named Dinorah Valentina in promise to an aunt of hers when she died.

“I decided to have my daughter in my right mind and with all the maturity in the world, no one gets pregnant at 31, except for a woman like me who has been around the world 4 times, I am a university student, I have enough education to take care of me and decide how, when and where. I do not like to insult my intelligence, “he said.

The one who is now a young girl, was born from a relationship that Miss Universe had with the Mexican Rafael Hernández Linares, but an affair that did not last long, with Alicia taking the reins of motherhood alone to function as a single mother.

“God sent her to always be my shadow, my protective shield, my friend, my sun, my life, I love her,” added Machado to highlight the fundamental role that her daughter plays in her life.

However, in statements by the Venezuelan to the media about her role as a mother, she says “I am having a bad time with my daughter, I am currently facing up to a teenage girl who is in rebellious age. As a mother, I am in a situation where she is an adolescent and the United States is very aggressive, things are different there as here in our Latin countries ”, Machado pointed out.

In fact, in March 2021, Alicia Machado offered an interview to “Ventaneando” where she admitted that her daughter Dinorah Valentina has been fighting against depression for several years, and that with the confinement situation due to the COVID pandemic -19, his daughter had worsened, but from what he said that his daughter can get ahead. Yes you can, with a lot of love and often with the help of family and friends ”.

On the other hand, regarding all the speculations about her daughter’s father being a dangerous Mexican drug trafficker, Alicia said that her daughter has all the answers and has all the information she should have. “She has a relationship with me and a relationship with her father”, Alicia narrated in an interview with the program ‘Ventaneando’ in 2020, “for her that man is her father and I have nurtured that relationship that has nothing to do with me and Today we are friends, “he said in statements quoted by Infobae.

It should be noted that around who the father of her daughter is, many speculations have been woven, including that the queen and actress received threats from the Mexican for revealing her identity in an autobiographical book that the actress wrote, but as a result of the Leaking a video where she was seen along with her daughter and Linares making casual purchases in quarantine time, the queen and actress spoke to confirm what many were waiting to hear:

“Here for those who don’t sleep. This is my daughter’s father. Happy? Clever. The father of my children. Together doing the super for our princess. Blessings ”, was the forceful message with which the video was released.

Finally, Alicia Machado, the woman, said last year in an interview quoted by Infobae “that the whole world should know that after 25 years of carrying a stick for her own people, she was fed up, she was tired, so from then on Whoever even thought of making a comment on their social networks, which are not for that, was not only going to block them, but the mother was going to mention them ”.


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