Alfredo Despaigne: the legend | Fielding

Perhaps with less media focus than five or six years ago, maybe even four years ago; so and all Alfredo Despaigne continues to talk.

Almost no one approaches his figure with the same momentum as in the past, when the entire weight of the Cuba team fell on his shoulders, as happened in the fourth World Classic or when he was the only one who stayed on the island after Yoenis Céspedes and José Dariel Abreu went out to the Major Leagues.

Right now, at the moment of writing this text, Despaigne continues to be part of the talk of the fans regarding the Cuba team that was in Florida for the pre-Olympic baseball tournament; Well, if at the time he was considered the great slugger of the national team, today, immersed in a frank process of decline, his presence is questioned by a good part of the experts, with more truth, after his controversial statements regarding the fans Cuban and baseball.

In addition to the notable decrease in their numbers within the Japanese ball, especially in the last two years, perhaps with the exception of the Play Off; and the years begin to take their toll on the Granma slugger and his physical condition is not the best.

Since the preparation match against the Dominican Republic, Alfredo Despaigne’s performance reaffirmed his terrible form, even no one placed him anywhere in the lineup of the national team for that opening match against Venezuela; well and everything opened as regular.

Despite the storm, manager Ferrer opened with the Granmense from fourth tree and with the hit to left field against Aníbal Sánchez’s shipments, things seemed to change for Despaigne but Mujica’s terrible run perhaps sentenced everything.

The other is history, his exit due to injury at the end of that game and his looks from the bench, looks of frustration, looks of anger at the missed opportunity, perhaps the last of the opportunities.

From that moment the attacks intensified and Alfredo was the center of criticism again, so to put the lid on the knob, his controversial statements regarding the Cuban fans arrived and everything is understandable, I think it should have been restrained.

Dear readers, however Despaigne deserves all the respect, because it is impossible to forget his record of home runs in Cuban baseball, those hits against Dalier Hinojosa in the postseason; his hit in the University World Cup to decide, his home run against Australia in the fourth World Classic, to advance to the second round; even less his more than 200 home runs in Japan; that’s there and they place him among the great players of all time.

For now this novel continues its course and it only remains to wait for the best outcome.

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