Alfredo Adame conquers a trans woman in leaked audios

Alfredo Adame conquers a trans woman in leaked audios | INSTAGRAM

That’s right, the now candidate, Alfredo Adame has once again become a trend thanks to an audio leaked in which he too television host had a very warm talk with a trans woman.

Of course, Internet users could not miss the opportunity to start making their months as well as to give their opinion and remind them that some time ago they had quite negative attitudes against the community Lgbt, so many tended to be upset and others continued with their fun.

Alfredo Adame he hasn’t said a word about it yet, he’s probably keeping appearances in this new stage of his life in which he has postulated and seeking to maintain a clean image for the times we are living.

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Of course Alfredo Adame is quite a character and has always been white in social media so users have a little fun with everything he says and does just as many tend to get annoyed.

It should be remembered that a video was also shared a few days ago in which the television presenter is found by a user of TikTok, who recorded it asking him for one of his distinctive greetings, that is, to send it ah ch1ng @ ra his mother, to whom he quickly replied in a good way what he asked with a typical: “ch1ng @ sa tu re p * t1sima y & & “# $” # $% Mother, greetings “, a pretty funny video, as it was as a joke of course.

Despite the rumors and the evidence of the audio in which the interaction between Adame and the woman can be heard, she herself has gone out to try to take care of her own appearance, as she appeared in a video saying that “her family and her life staff could be affected ”clarifying that this happened a few years ago and that in fact nothing happened between them physically but that it was all just flirtatious.

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Many Twitter users claim that the woman could have been forced to make the video to clean the image of the Driver, however this is not proven and is probably telling the truth.


With Alfredo it is not known because he is a character that gives us enough to talk about that he did not listen to his audio in which he claims to have mansions ah even a private jet agency and many other funny things he said in that clip that went around the world via Internet.

Let us also remember that his fight with Trejo was completely canceled, Adame and Carlos Trejo had set a date for their confrontation months ago, however, Trejo assured in a multimedia program that he stood up.

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Adame has been involved in various controversies, even with “Miss Laura”, causing some users to suspect that it is just a show, since it is not possible for him to fight with everyone.

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