Alfredo Adame charges $ 49.99 for sending greetings and “mentioning mothers” – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Between lines

The actor and former candidate of Progressive Social Networks Alfredo Adame took advantage of the popularity he gained for attacking voters during his electoral contest and now charges for “talking mothers.”

According to a report by El Universal, the interpreter and politician currently sells the “mentions” through the application Go for you, where he charges the amount of USD 49.99 and they are available to the general public in the United States.

In addition to this, after a stumbled political career, Adame announced his return to television and that he does not rule out the possibility of undertaking a project on Televisa.

During a meeting with the media outside the facilities of the San Ángel television station, the former candidate for federal deputy spoke about his reintegration into the world of entertainment and assured that he would seek a new opportunity related to acting.

“With all pleasure I receive the invitation. Not ‘hard feelings’, as they say. Without anger, without grudges, without anything and working. My thing, my thing is to work, ”said the melodrama actor as taken from a video available on Eden Dorantes’s YouTube channel.

“I am contemplating various things, Televisa offers me various things, and, on the other hand, theater things, many things,” said Adame, and when asked about his return to soap operas or as a host, he answered that he was called to act , but to present a program he only said: “there are many things, there are several projects”.

He revealed that they called him from San Ángel, they removed the veto and gave him his badge to enter the company’s facilities. This was after Adame said goodbye to the television station in 2017 without having to call again.

At that time it even transpired that Televisa vetoed him because he had participated in the TV Azteca program, El club de Eva.

In this regard, Adame argued that he did not know the reasons why he was removed from the company, since he had asked the directors if his participation in Azteca would cause any damage to their work, to which he received a negative response.

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