Alfonso Reyes warns of Pablo Iglesias’ plans already executed by dictators such as Hitler or Stalin

The second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, he continues with his dictatorial techniques and does not hide his plan to silence the uncomfortable media in the eyes of the social-communist Executive. The leader of Podemos wants to “control” the press, articulate “control elements” against the non-related media and their publishing companies, something unprecedented in a democracy and that would be unacceptable in our country.

One who has been very critical of Pablo Iglesias’s intention to censor the media has been Alfonso Reyes, former basketball player, engineer and president of the players’ union (ABP). Without directly mentioning the vice president of the Government but apparently referring to his words, Reyes warns that these techniques were already used in the past by dictators of different ideologies.

“Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Mussolini and many other dictators were very clear that propaganda is essential to control the population. Only what helped them maintain power spread. Control of the media was essential. What is not seen does not exist”Alfonso Reyes wrote in a reflection with which he swept Twitter, since he accumulates more than 1,000 RTs and almost 4,000 ‘likes’ in a few hours.

The “difference between the media power and the other powers”, such as the executive, legislative or judicial powers, despite the “great influence” they exert on the political agenda and opinion formation, says Pablo Iglesias, adding that “there is no democratic control” over the media, intolerable statements by a Vice President of the Government who, like his gang, also encourages vandalism and riots in the streets for the conviction of Pablo Hasél.