Alfonso Reyes: “Leaning on the heirs of ETA makes me retch, I had to look under my father’s car”

The reproaches and criticism of the social-communist government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias for agreeing with Bildu the General State Budgets. The voice has also been raised from the world of sports, and the last to do so has been the former basketball player Alfonso Reyes, now president of the Association of Professional Basketball Players (ABP).

Reyes, like many millions of other Spaniards, cannot understand that the Executive had to reach an agreement with the pro-ETA formation of Otegi and makes it clear in a reflection that has gone viral and already has almost 3,000 RTs.

«By the way, leaning on the heirs of ETA for whatever makes me retch indescribable. Could it be that I had to look more than once under my father’s car or that he trembled with each attack in case it was him. What are we going to do to him, I have a good memory, ”the former Real Madrid player, among others, wrote on his official Twitter profile.

Months ago, Alfonso Reyes also referred to this cruel matter for the families of the victims and for anyone who felt threatened by ETA at that time: “I have chewed fear. At first, ETA’s main target was military, GG. DC. and policemen. My father was one of them and we always had to check under the car. Many people looked the other way, I did not go with them. At the age of 12 I witnessed an attack. I will never forget”.