Alfonso Merlos sends a burofax to Mediaset so that they do not talk about him

The participation of Alexia Rivas and Marta López in the next edition of Survivors has put the focus on the journalist Alfonso Merlos. The three starred in the spring of last year in a media soap opera that Telecinco baptized as ‘Merlos Place’.

On the occasion of the issue of Survivors, which starts on April 8, Merlos has sent a burofax to Mediaset with the aim that not mentioned in any program Telecinco that can deal with the relationship between Alexia Rivas and Marta López, former partners of Merlos, reports Yotele.

This week, Rivas and López they have avoided coinciding at Barajas airport when both have headed to Honduras to compete in the new edition of reality.

According to Yotele, Merlos also received a proposal in firm to participate in Survivors, invitation that declined from the outset, thus marking distance with Mediaset.

Merlos, a well-known presenter of the 13TV newscasts and later a Mediaset talkative in programs such as Todo es lie or El program de Ana Rosa, he’s been missing for months of Cuatro and Telecinco.

His rise to fame came a year ago, in full confinement, as a result of the scandal dubbed ‘Merlos Place’. It was then that it was revealed that the journalist he had a secret relationship with Alexia Rivas, then a reporter for Socialité, when everyone thought he was the boyfriend of Sálvame’s collaborator and former Big Brother contestant Marta López.