Alfonso Herrera hopes that “El baile de los 41” will claim an LGBT milestone – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Alfonso Herrera hopes that the film “El baile de los 41” will claim a historical fact for the LGBT community, of which it is considered an “ally”, and that one day the sexual orientation of the characters will cease to be relevant when it comes to tell a story, reported El Universal.

“The fact that a character is homosexual is not the most important thing, the situation is important, the context in which he finds himself. I have made two homosexual characters in the same way that I have played 40 heterosexual characters, ”says Herrera.

The actor stars in David Pablos’ most recent film, “El baile de los 41”, in which he plays Ignacio de la Torre, a renowned politician and businessman who maintains a double life due to the social context that he lived during the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz in Mexico (1876-1911).

Based on an event that took place in 1901, in which 42 men were arrested and punished for dressing like women, the film portrays a hypocritical and closed society in which “being homosexual meant living in hiding,” says the actor.

“I was excited to tell a story that was made invisible, caricatured and ridiculed, it seemed interesting to be able to show something more down-to-earth and forceful claiming the LGBT + community,” says Herrera.

With that intention, the film follows the love between the son-in-law of the dictator Porfirio Díaz and Evaristo Rivas, while at the same time, it shows the darker side of each of his characters, the place they maintained socially and, based on this, their spectrum of possibilities.

“It was important not to claim the figure of Ignacio de la Torre. He wanted to show these chiaroscuro that he had, he owned one of the largest sugar mills, he was a tremendously ambitious man, he was hungry for power and he wanted to continue growing his companies ”, explains the actor.

In addition, Herrera criticizes the way in which De la Torre treated his wife, Amada Díaz, daughter of Porfirio Díaz, by using her as a “bargaining chip” for the benefit of both men who sought to increase their wealth and power.

“I think the female figure is extremely important in the film. They were literally in confinement in their homes, locked up. Everything that happened and moved in society was based on what men generated and it is also important to ask ourselves how far we have progressed ”, says the former RBD member.

This is why Alfonso assures that one of the reasons why he accepted Pablos’ project, which will premiere on November 19, was to be able to echo these stories in favor of freedom and inclusion.

“I consider myself an ally of the LGBT + community and I will be in everything that has to do with freedom, respect, openness. I would like to live in a freer, more respectful Mexico and that I think depends on the decisions that we make not only in the long term but on a day-to-day basis, ”he says.