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The Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of the Government of Mexico, Alfonso Durazo, cHe confirmed that a week ago the National Intelligence Center obtained information on a possible threat against a senior security official.

At a press conference from Morelia, Michoacán, Durazo was questioned by reporters about the version that indicated that the federal authorities already had reports of threats by this criminal group.

Although he confirmed the information, the federal government’s security secretary said that it is still not necessary to investigate whether or not there is a relationship with the attack this morning.

“We are following up on organized crime groups, particularly around the most belligerent, there are often such threats. A week ago there was an eventual threat to some public security officials ”, said.

« Regarding the possibility that this attack is linked, we will consolidate it if it is the case as the investigations progress, » he added.

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The federal secretary clarified that officials related to the issue of public security at this time are « duly guarded. »

Questioned by the representatives of the press on whether this attack is not a declaration of war against the federal government, Durazo Montaño clarified that what happened is a challenge to the Rule of Law, not to the Mexican State.

« Every act of violation of the law is a challenge to the rule of law and we are responsible for guaranteeing it (…) it is a challenge to the rule of law, not to the Mexican state, » he assured.

Although he recognized that this group showed great firepower, he assured that none of these organizations has the capacity to challenge the Mexican State. The declaration is one of fighting crime. It is a declaration of the state’s commitment to combat all criminal organizations alike, he said. « 

On the allegations made by Omar García Harfuch that he attributes to the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) the responsibility for the attack against him, Durazo Montaño assured that it is one of the hypotheses that the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office is investigating with the support of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) and the government of the Republic.

However, he emphasized that « this cowardly attack is the result of the work that is being carried out to guarantee security. »

Alfonso Durazo assured that the federal government makes available to the administration of the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, all the devices and elements to facilitate investigations.

He insisted that organized crime will continue to be fought « Nothing will stop this commitment … but without stridency. This fight will be based on intelligence rather than strength ”asserted.

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