Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, along with the entertainment company ‘Participant’, joined the campaign “Take care of who cares for you”, with the aim of providing support to domestic workers during the quarantine, caused by the spread of COVID -19.

A video seeks to raise awareness among employers about the rights of these women to obtain fair wages, in a joint effort with the Center for Support and Training for Domestic Workers (CACEH).

“At this time, many of the 2.3 million domestic workers in Mexico have lost their jobs and income as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis. It is our entire responsibility to support them during this time of uncertainty. The objective of this campaign is to remind everyone how important it is to care for those who care for us, and the respect that the workers, who are at the center of our society and economy, deserve, “said Cuarón in a press release.

This campaign has the collaboration of the Fondo Semillas, Hogar Justo Hogar, ILSB, Nosotrxs, UN Women, Sinactraho, and Wiego organizations, among others, that work to care for this sector of the population that is one of the most vulnerable and that in its Most live daily and do not have health insurance.

Actress Marina de Tavira joins this initiative with a message: “This campaign is essential to raise awareness about the situation faced by domestic workers during the pandemic. While we take care of our health, we cannot abandon those who work closest to our families and our homes. Let’s do our part, be responsible, and pay the domestic workers in this crisis, “she said.

The video – which is available on a page created by the Support and Training Center for Domestic Workers – invites you to recognize the social and family value of domestic workers.

Marcelina Bautista, founder of the Support and Training Center for Domestic Workers and the National Union, thanked Alfonso Cuarón for joining this project.

“Without social security, many workers are left financially and also unprotected in their right to health care. In addition, many of them have been dismissed without pay, without thinking that many of them live daily, in precarious conditions. and that they need an income, “he added.

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