Hinwil’s men don’t want to reserve because they don’t know what will happen after Monza

They will not introduce further improvements until they collect a significant amount of data

Zehnder expects the European tour to drag on, which seems quite likely

Alfa Romeo CEO Beat Zehnder confirms Hinwil’s will be bringing improvements to his C39 for the first race of the season in Austria. The team prefers to use its new updates now, since nobody knows what could happen after the eighth race of the season at Monza.

Zehnder argues that they were planning to introduce improvements at this point in the season under normal conditions. In addition, it is clear that the best thing is to leave Austria with the new updates, since nobody knows what the future of the 2020 season may be after the Italian GP.

“The Melbourne car was the one from the last two days of testing in Barcelona. All the improvements we had planned for later we will take to the first race in Austria. We prefer to make the changes for Austria and Silverstone, because we will not know how many races we will have this year “Zehnder said in an interview for the German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport.

Alfa Romeo wants to wait to see how the first races of the season develop to know if they will bring improvements to the following races. Of course, they see it essential to collect more data on the track with Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi.

“We don’t have much time left to know if we will have more improvements for later in the season. Of course, we want to drive our C39 before deciding whether to improve it further “, has added.

On the other hand, Zehnder is in favor of doing more than eight races in Europe this season, something that seems quite likely at the moment. In addition, he recognizes that they have left some of their material in the Middle East, given that they think that this year will end races in Bahrain, Vietnam and Abu Dhabi.

“We already know that we will not be racing in Japan, Singapore and Baku this year, but we don’t know more. We hope that the season in Europe will continue, it makes a lot of sense, since this way we will not have to travel far. We have left part of our ensembles also in the Middle East, as it is likely that we will end up traveling to Bahrain, Vietnam and Abu Dhabi at the end of the year, “said Zehnder to finish.

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