Räikkönen: “In Barcelona we can take a step forward, but we have to be realistic”

Giovinazzi: “A new career is a new opportunity to improve”

Alfa Romeo arrives in Barcelona aware that it is very difficult to end all the deficit they have within a single lap in a single week. Those in Hinwil know they have to work harder to improve on Saturdays and thus have more point options on Sundays. Of course, they are ready to take advantage of any opportunity they have this weekend.

Kimi raikkonen (19th at the World Cup):

“The last races have made it clear that we need to find more performance, especially in qualifying, to be as competitive as we need to be. Barcelona is a circuit to take a step forward, but we have to be realistic.”

“We can know more or less what the circuit is like from all the tests we have done there. Of course, everyone knows it too, so we cannot expect many surprises.”

Antonio Giovinazzi (16th in the World Cup):

“A new race is a new opportunity to improve our package. I think that the problems that on Saturdays are hidden during the races on Sunday, but we need to continue working on it, since to be in the fight for the points we have to be closer of them from the first round “.

“We are in the last race of the second treble and it will be important to stay focused and take advantage of the smallest opportunity we have.”

Frédéric Vasseur, team leader:

“The Barcelona circuit is well known to everyone and surely the circuit that we know best, since we have done the pre-season tests there for many years. However, this year the conditions are going to be very different compared to what we all have. the years in mid-May. ”

“In August Spain can be a very hot place and we need to get used to the weather for when we have to go out with the cars on the track. It has only been a week since the second race at Silverstone and we cannot expect miracles in such a short period of time. “.

“We are going to continue to work hard to get the most out of our car and progress in the battle in the midfield.”

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