Räikkönen: “We have identified the areas in which we need to improve”

Giovinazzi: “On Sundays we are very competitive”

Alfa Romeo reaches the fourth Grand Prix of the season, that of Great Britain, with only two points in his locker – achieved by Antonio Giovinazzi in Austria. However, in Hinwil’s team they are optimistic because the C39 is competitive on Sundays, so they hope to curdle a good role in both Silverstone events.

Kimi raikkonen (18th in the World Cup):

“The first races were not ideal in terms of results, but the important thing is that we are moving in the right direction. We have identified the areas in which we need to improve and, hopefully, we will come to Silverstone with the necessary solutions to provide us with more Competitiveness. We have seen that we can fight most of the cars in the middle group on Sunday and we are confident that we can return home with points from either of these two races. ”

Antonio Giovinazzi (14th in the World Cup):

“I am looking forward to this British double race. We have had some difficult races so far, but there is a good team spirit and we know we can come back strong if we all work together. On Sundays we are very competitive and we have shown that in each of the races so far, if we do a good qualifying, we may be fighting for the top ten from the first lap, so this should be our goal in the future. We have seen in Austria that competing twice in the same place offers some opportunities unique and we will seek to make the most of these two races. ”

Frédéric Vasseur, team manager:

“The next three races will be another crucial stage of the season. We come from the first real rest, after the triple opening GP. It was the first opportunity for the teams to regroup, assess the situation and start tackling the rest of the year, so it will be important to show that we have used the time from Hungary to progress. We have a much more defined idea of ​​where the strengths and weaknesses of our package are and we continue to work together to take another step forward after what we have shown in the first few The battle in the middle group is tight and I have full confidence that our team has what it takes, both in terms of personnel and machinery, to get points regularly. ”

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