Räikkönen: “I think we have taken a step forward”

Giovinazzi: “Our package seems to be working a little better”

Kubica: “It’s always a nice feeling to be in a Formula 1 car after so long”

Alfa Romeo has dedicated the day on Friday to better understand the behavior of the car compared to last weekend. It is still early to know their progress, but the two pilots believe they are going in the right direction. In addition, Robert Kubica has been present in Free 1 in Antonio Giovinazzi’s car.

Kimi raikkonen (15º / 13º)

“It is still early this second weekend here, but overall we can be happy with the way things have gone. We have understood the car and how it behaves a little better, and I think we have taken a step forward Of course, free practice doesn’t mean anything, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to see where we are. ”

“The hope is that it will be a better weekend: it will be crucial to see the checkered flag as it could be another race with dropouts, but the goal is to be stronger and fight for the points.”

Antonio Giovinazzi (- / 14º)

“I like to run here for the second week in a row. We have analyzed a lot of data from last weekend and our package seems to be working a little better. It is still too early to know and we still have a long way to go, but we have made some progress” .

“It will be interesting to see what weather conditions we have tomorrow: if it is colder or it rains it would be a big difference for the ‘set-up’. Like last week, the goal is to score points. It will not be easy, but we must believe in ourselves themselves and try. ”

Robert Kubica (18º / -):

“It’s always a nice feeling to be in a Formula 1 car after so long. It’s never easy to get in a car after five months, but especially one as powerful as these. Overall, though, it’s been a nice day : The car is quite balanced after last weekend. ”

“We did an evaluation job and tried to improve our package. The team knows where we have to improve, what we see in the data matches what we see on the track, so we will have to continue working to extract the most of what we have. For the rest of the weekend, the weather conditions can be very different, so it will be very important to understand the best way to put the tires in your work window. ”

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