Alexis Vega celebrates a goal in the Clásico Tapatío between Chivas del Guadalajara and Atlas. | ULISES RUIZ / .

The front Alexis Vega He is resuming his level of play, showing that one day he made him sign with Chivas del Guadalajara. After being involved in extra-court controversies, the ‘Pingo’ once again had a second chance at the club and he has not missed it. In the last game he was a factor to give the rojiblancos the three points and now he seeks to weigh in the Classic of Classics.

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The attacker will be a key piece for coach Víctor Manuel Vucetich to emerge triumphant on the Akron Stadium field. Likewise, Alexis Vega He is a footballer who has shown not to shrink in matches against the Águilas del América. The goal he scored when he was still defending the cause of Toluca is still remembered, where he left the defenders and Marchesís sown with no opportunity.

With the loss of play of José Juan Macías, Vega he becomes the man who can make a difference on the pitch. His speed, dribbling and definition, will cause American defenders to have to use themselves thoroughly to avoid damage. It must be remembered that one of the Achilles heels of the azulcremas is the lower part of the field.

In case ‘JJ’ Macías comes out big, he’ll do the perfect dumbbell again with Alexis Vega. Added to this, the plus will be given by the experienced Oribe Peralta, who is motivated and emotionally recovered to be able to do a good job, and will seek to cooperate to score a goal for his former team.