In an interview with Femme Actuelle, Alexandra Lamy played the game of “Dare / Not dare”, where she had to explain what she would dare to do, or not, in certain situations. First dilemma: “What you wouldn’t dare to tell your mother-in-law”. The actress then responded with humor: “As I have no one, I do not have a mother-in-law, so the problem is solved!”

The opportunity for Alexandra Lamy to say more about her celibacy, which seems to make her happier than she has ever been. “Now that I’m single … But all is well! There were things at the beginning of celibacy that we didn’t dare, that I didn’t dare. That is to say, going to eat alone at a restaurant, going to a bar alone … These are things that you did as a couple and that you did not dare“, listed the actress, released.

The former wife of Jean Dujardin explained that she no longer feared the eyes of people. “You were like ‘Damn, we’re going to judge me and then we’re going to say to each other’ Oh dear, look, poor thing, she’s all alone at the restaurant … ‘Whereas now I’m like’ Yes, I ‘ have the right! ‘ If I want to make myself a little restaurant on my own, “she continued. Since her divorce, she therefore dares a lot more. “But it’s true that I did not dare and that now I fully assume“, she rejoiced.

This is not the first time that Alexandra Lamy proclaims loud and clear that there is no need to be in a relationship to be happy. In an interview with Psychologies, she explained that she wanted to think about herself, after having “given” so much to Jean Dujardin. “I don’t particularly want to have someone in my life. I assume that the most important thing is to be happy. But sometimes we try to form a couple just out of fear, not for the sake of it. her own happiness, “she said.