The German tennis player Alexander Zverev He gave an interview to the German newspaper Bild, where he confessed that during the month of January he could have caught the coronavirus after a trip with his partner to China. The current number seven in the world claimed that he had all the symptoms recognized by this disease, especially highlighting the fever and cough he had while playing the Australian Open. Did you have Zverev coronavirus? Were you able to stick it to other tennis players?

Sascha believes that at the end of last year she contracted the coronavirus, since she had pretty bad days: “My girlfriend Brenda and I were in China on December 28. I felt very bad several days later. You couldn’t imagine how many times I coughed during my month in Australia. I had a fever for two or three days and I had a dry cough. for a long time. Brenda also suffered from these symptoms. We did not know what it was, but now several months later seeing the situation today, I am clear that we could have taken coronavirus. I am not saying that I would have had it 100%, since my results in Australia they were good, but the suspicions are there. “

Alexander Zverev was disappointed by what happened in recent weeks: “The situation is quite complicated for me, because I played very poorly in 2019. I barely defended points in the following months, and because of this stoppage and freezing of points, I was stuck in seventh place. I had many options to finish the year in the top five, but this has penalized me and I will have to wait several more months to activate these purposes. Although by 2020 I do not have many options. “

The German tennis player confesses that he misses his partner very much: “After the Acapulco tournament we said that we would meet again in Miami because we had to discuss some business issues. Then the state of alarm was declared in many places and we have not seen each other since. We have been for about a month and a half. I hope that this does not harm our relationship and when all this is over, we can continue together, “said Zverev, who is currently in confinement with Marcelo Melo.

Zverev joked with Roger Federer when he found out that there would be no tennis until July: “Upon hearing the news that we would not have tennis until July, I wrote a message to Roger and asked him if he had received a message from any Chinese informing him of what would happen in tennis in the following months, so that he could recover from his knee without losing positions (laughs). Federer answered me with a laugh smiley. I was very sorry to hear about the cancellation of Wimbledon but it is good that the tournament does not have losses by having insurance against pandemics. The rest of the tournaments it is true that they are injured, “concluded the German player who is looking forward to returning to compete on the circuit.