UFC featherweight talents Alexander Volkanovski and Max holloway They will collide once again this Saturday, July 11, 2020 in UFC 251 from «Fight Island» in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Volkanovsky He flew under the radar until around 2018, when he brutalized Darren Elkins and ended his revival. Suddenly, Volkanovsky He was ranked with a ridiculous record, which resulted in clashes with top contenders and former champions. Volkanovsky He demonstrated his excellence, continuing to dominate largely until he met Holloway in the first fight and clearly indicated that he would steal the throne. Holloway knows what it’s like to have a major winning streak. After all, “Blessed” won 13 directly inside the Octagon to capture and defend the Featherweight title himself. In fact, the domain of Holloway As champion it is precisely the reason why the two are running it, since the Hawaiian has earned a replacement (or not, depending on who you ask).

Let’s take a closer look at the keys to victory for every man:

Alexander Volkanovski

Record: 21-1
Key wins: Max Holloway (UFC 245), José Aldo (UFC 237), Chad Mendes (UFC 232), Darren Elkins (UFC Fight Night 133), Jeremy Kennedy (UFC 221)
Key losses: none
The key to victory: It’s really fascinating how technical a fighter has proven to be, Volkanovsky. At the beginning of her career in UFC“The Great” simply crushed everyone with ease, showing a different level of physicality than opponents could handle. However, once at the highest level, Volkanovsky revealed the depth of his kickboxing by overriding both Aldo and Holloway.

In the first match, Volkanovsky was able to do a tremendous job kicking the leg every time Holloway I was trying to start a combination. Holloway Find your success as a fighter with long, penetrating shots and long combos. Before Holloway I could do something, Volkanovsky I would pat him on the thigh and then he would disappear, grab or pull back quickly.

Holloway he just couldn’t do anything.

Volkanovsky you should try to do it one more time, but keep in mind that Holloway He’s probably been training for months to limit the effectiveness of the low kick. So it would really benefit Volkanovsky feign low kick and attack with punches before and frequently. If you can interrupt the verification schedule of Holloway and ruining your confidence with a few strong punches will make setting the low kick a second time much easier.

Max holloway

Record: 21-5
Key wins: José Aldo (UFC 218, UFC 212), Frankie Edgar (UFC 240), Brian Ortega (UFC 231) Anthony Pettis (UFC 206), Ricardo Lamas (UFC 199), Cub Swanson (UFC on FOX 15), Jeremy Stephens ( UFC 194)
Key losses: Alexander Volkanovski (UFC 245), Dustin Poirier (UFC 236, UFC 143), Conor McGregor (UFC Fight Night 26), Dennis Bermudez (UFC 160)
The key to victory: Holloway He is perhaps the best volume attacker in the history of the sport. The Hawaiian drowns his opponents in dozens of punches, forcing them to an activity rate that they simply cannot match.

Of course, having an iron chin and solid natural power helps with such a strategy.

In the first match, Holloway he was sent off by a shorter opponent and then forced to advance. Moving forward not only left him vulnerable to the aforementioned low kicks, but actually removed his range advantage. Volkanovsky he was able to kick his leg, back off and counter repeatedly.

To prevent a similar pattern from arising in this rematch, Holloway you have to kick more often. Holloway He had his reasons for not kicking in the first fight, that is, the threat of a takedown, but he failed. Holloway you need all your arsenal to beat Volkanovsky: You can’t do it alone with boxing.

That’s the biggest change that Holloway can do: kick hard and kick frequently. Beyond that, Holloway found greater success later in the fight after switching to Southpaw, which helped negate some of the bass in Volkanovsky. He could taste those waters again here… preferably with lots of kicks to the left body in the mix.

Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway LIVE

These two are still at the top of their games, and the probability of an excellent war against a deep technical battle is fairly uniform.

Volkanovsky dethroned a long-range champion in December 2019, so his status as featherweight kingpin is etched in history. However, this is your time to really solidify your control over the division. Yes Holloway remove the belt immediately, will there be an immediate rubber match? Maybe, but it’s hard to feel safe with the current matchmaking trends of UFC.

If “The Great” proves to be superior once and for all, it can move on to new challenges.

Alternatively, Holloway He is fortunate to have received this instant rematch even with his excellent resume. Such opportunities are not a guarantee, and the stakes increase. Yes Holloway Try defeat a second time, where is the 28-year-old going? He would be trapped in that miserable no man’s land, once he caught José Aldo, since winning a third match with Volkanovsky it would be almost impossible.