Alexander Volkanovski tells of his severe problems due to COVID-19

The 145-pound monarch, Alexander Volkanovski, recounted in a video his experience after contracting COVID-19 and the complications that the disease brought him.

Alexander Volkanovski, featherweight champion, was going to defend his belt on March 27 at UFC 260. A week before the contest, he had to withdraw since he and some members of his team tested positive for coronavirus.

Volkanovski was in isolation serving quarantine at the Las Vegas hotel, following UFC protocols. It was there that the symptoms began to get worse and he had to be hospitalized. He not only contracted the virus but also pneumonia. In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, he tells of his experience with the disease.

“I started to feel it a bit in my lungs and it made me feel uncomfortable. I started spitting up pink phlegm with a little blood. Luckily I had people with me who knew about it, so I asked them what was happening to me, and they replied that it usually came from the lungs or something like that. That’s where I thought we should look into this. I was having a lot of fever and headaches, but that’s common. So we started talking about it, and I thought maybe we needed a checkup. “

Upon arrival at the hospital, the results showed that he had pneumonia caused by the coronavirus. They prescribed medication and sent him back to the hotel, where his oxygen levels were to be monitored. His symptoms worsened, his oxygen levels dropped, he began to spit more blood, and he looked pale. He returned a second time to the hospital, and it was then that he was hospitalized for 3 days.

Alexander admits that his fight against COVID-19 was tough, and had it not been for his good health, it could have brought him more serious problems.

“This COVID thing is not a joke. That is why I wanted to make this video. I repeat, everyone will have their thoughts, but a lot of people asked me what the symptoms feel like. The symptoms went wild. We have the normal symptoms, which can lead you to other things. They referred me to pneumonia and other problems. It became serious. “

“If it was not healthy, maybe it would have other problems, you see how people die and things like that. This is very serious. I always took it seriously, I know and understand that it is very unpredictable, and very contagious. I repeat, it’s something that came in and was contracted by a couple of team members. It was a crazy experience, but we are all fine. I am no longer contagious, so I can go out, which is good. And now I just want to go home. “

Volkanovski is no longer suffering from the virus and is recovering. Working to get back in shape and reschedule the fight with Brian Ortega for the featherweight championship.