In days gone by we told them about Alexander Volkanovski’s plans for him to be considered the best Featherweight of all time, well, now it seems that there will be a change of plans.

In a recent interview that the current Featherweight Champion of the UFC offer to ESPN, He stated that the fight he had insisted to be held on June 6 in the UFC 251 In Perth, Australia, it is no longer going to be:

We did not go or do any type of conditioning in the gym, I am taking all possible precautions. To be honest, nothing was signed, nothing was closed. Everything pointed towards Perth, but we are still not sure if it will move forward or not.

Volkanovski also commented that he has some physical drawbacks, that he wants to properly prepare for a possible fight against Holloway and that he doubts that the card set for June 6 can be carried out:

I’m in a strange position where I’m quarantined, I can’t train properly, I can’t get to New Zealand, so are we going to insist on that fight? I just don’t think it’s a good idea for me, especially for a broken hand. Trying to get over that injury, then going to camp and not being fully prepared at camp is not a good idea. I also don’t think the Perth undercard will go ahead, but if it does, I don’t know the chances of me being on it.

“The Great” He recently made some posts where he was seen training and having fun with his family at home.