Alexander Skarsgrd to star in ‘Infinity Pool’, Brandon Cronenberg’s next film

More than two years after the existence of the project was revealed, Neon and Topic Studios have now announced that Alexander Skarsgrd will be the main protagonist of ‘Infinity Pool’, the third film as director of Brandon Cronenberg, responsible for ‘Antiviral’ and ‘Possessor Uncut’, this last one premiered in our country this same month of June by Movistar +.

The film will follow James and Em, two young rich and in love who are on vacation. The exclusive all-inclusive resort they’ve been to boasts island excursions and sparkling beaches. But outside the doors of the hotel, beyond the limit of paradise, something much more dangerous and seductive awaits them …

In turn, Skarsgrd and Cronenberg will act as two of the many executive producers of this film that Neon itself will distribute in the United States and whose filming will finally begin at the beginning of next September.

We have seen Skarsgrd this year in the hit ‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘or in’ The Stand ‘, the television adaptation of Stephen King’s’ Apocalypse’ in which he plays the Machiavellian Randall Flagg, also known as “the man in black.” Soon we can see him in ‘The Northman’, the third film as director of Robert Eggers, or in the third season of HBO’s ‘Succession’.

For his part, Cronenberg also has among his projects the television adaptation of the ‘Super-Cannes’ by JG Ballard, author of the originals that inspired ‘The Empire of the Sun’, ‘High-Rise’ or ‘Crash’, a film directed in 1996 by his father David.

Produced independently by Ringside Studios and Anti-Worlds Film & Television, the filming of ‘Super-Cannes’ It is expected to begin sometime in 2022 with a view to its release in 2023.

Edited in our country by Ediciones Minotauro, finally we leave you with the official synopsis of this novel originally published in 2000.

Edn-Olimpia is a multinational conglomerate in the hills of Cannes, where the largest companies in the world meet. With its sophisticated office, security and communications services, it appears to offer the ideal greenhouse for a workforce living on success. However, Eden-Olympia is more than just a complex of multinationals, it is a virtual city-state. Isolated and safe, its inhabitants lack nothing. But one day, David Grennwood – the pediatrician from Edn-Olympia – armed with a shotgun kills ten people and then commits suicide.

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