Alexa Dellanos’ micro swimsuit that left her charms free

Alexa Dellanos’ micro swimsuit that left her charms free | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful american model Alexa Dellanos has shared an impressive photograph in which she appears with a micro swimsuit lilac color with which she left her charms free for her fans to enjoy.

That’s right, in the photograph we can see how the young woman is inside a pool at night enjoying the water and good company being captured by the professional camera that was in front of her.

Surely her boyfriend or one of her photographer friends was in charge of capturing the beautiful moment, which her followers have already enjoyed on several occasions and have also shared it among users so that everyone has the opportunity to appreciate it.

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Of course the young woman is very focused on keeping her happy public so he is always constantly publishing this content with which he seeks to grow his number of followers.

It works a lot for her to have them interact with her entertainment pieces, so she constantly thinks about what her audience would like to see and manages to create photographs designed to hit her heart.


Alexa recently reached 4 million followers and has also been growing the number of followers of one of her pages where she will start with her company Lexidoll, her new brand that will arrive soon.

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Alexa makes herself known thanks to the great popularity of her mother, a very professional and pretty Telemundo presenter who helped your daughter a lot to become known just by having her last name.

In Show News we will continue to bring you the best information, new photos and Videos and all that attractive content that you enjoy green Alexa Dellanos so that you do not miss it and you can enjoy it at any time you want.

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