Alexa Dellanos in her shortest and most elegant dress highlighted her great charms, happy fans | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Instagram model, Alexa Dellanos, has been working for some years to increase her followers, all thanks to the daring and excellent content that she strives to generate on the social network.

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This time we will retake a photograph in which her boyfriend was probably responsible for capturing her great beauty in her most elegant short and daring dress with which she ended up revealing her great charms.

Pregnancy songs we have been able to observe that Alexa has a great taste for fashion, wearing different very beautiful and high-quality dresses, making it easy to ensure that the young woman seeks to have that focus and impact on social networks.

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The model wants to make an example of beauty, charisma and elegance for her millions of Followers who admire her both for her great beauty and for her excellent personality. And you can see a lot in the comments she makes in her publications.

As in this occasion in which several celebrities attended to comment on how beautiful she looks, as well as that her most loyal fans did not miss the opportunity to express how much they love and admire her. The photo managed to gather tens of thousands of likes in a very short time.

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Right now, Alexa is at home taking care of herself to the maximum, since although she previously decided to take a walk around the city with her boyfriend, however, when she observed that the contagion curve has not gone down, she decided to lock herself up a little more.

Thanks to this, the young woman has not been able to take new snapshots with which to increase her content, but if she has shared her day to day through her stories, as we can remember at the beginning of the quarantine, she disappeared completely from her profile for a few weeks.

This situation had worried her fans a little, thanks to the fact that Alexa was very concerned about the current situation in the world and her mother Mirka Dellanos, who continued to attend her work despite the quarantine, so her followers had a little worried and they feared he had caught it.