Alex Rodríguez seems to be forgetting Jennifer López: he surrenders to being single and celebrates with friends

This could be the end point of this story between A Rod and JLo.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

By Alex Rodríguez a lot is said in the last days. Since his relationship with Jennifer Lopez has come to an end there is no day that the press does not speculate on him and his life. They say he’s upset and saddened by how JLo has gone on with his life to rewrite his love story with Ben Affleck. Even Hollywood seems happy to have the reunion of this pair again since “Bennifer” once again monopolizes the covers of the magazines.

It was also said that A Rod is determined to win her back. However, everything indicates that with the days he has begun to find the pleasure of being a single man again. This weekend he received a couple of friends at home, together with whom he enjoyed a good conversation, laughter, drinks and the occasional cigar.

“Papi’s signature move never goes out of style,” she wrote on Instagram. By this he refers to David Ortiz, “El Papi.”

Unfortunately, his image after the break with Jennifer López has been a little damaged. Many consider him an infidel and blame him for the breakup, while others see him as a sad and spiteful man. In addition, they believe they find in several of their publications supposedly hidden messages addressed to the “Diva of the Bronx”.

He uploaded a photograph with his daughters to the table, in it there are three empty spaces with three plates waiting to be served. They say these are the positions of Jennifer Lopez, Max and Emme. They affirm that with this publication he is telling his diva that in his life and in his house his positions still remain, waiting for his return. They believe that with this post the former player is telling JLo that he has not yet given up.

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