Alex Rodríguez did not like the decision of JLO and his new partner at all

Alex Rodriguez he is not entirely happy after breaking his relationship with Jennifer López (JLO), and much less now than according to Ben Affleck.

Rodriguez, who had the intention of seeing again JLO And according to what he told him to meet again, he is not quite right after knowing the possible new partner of the singer Jennifer López.

Apparently, the famous actress has no plans to return her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, according to an informant from Diario Las Américas despite the fact that the former MLB tried several times.

According to the newspaper, Alex Rodriguez is saddened by the alleged contact of JLO with Ben Affleck, they even claim that he called her to tell her that he is not at all happy with his decision.

Now, they say that baseball player kills gallant. Did it happen in the case of Alex Rodriguez with JLO?

Apparently not, and after the former baseball player Big leaguesHe learned about the issue, he preferred to evade the media and his first statement was “Let’s go Yankees.” In this way, he evaded everything the press could ask him regarding his relationship with JLO.

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