The pilot does not know if the expected date of August 23 can be met

The evolution of the Covid-19 will determine the viability of the proposed calendar

Now he has returned to Spain to train waiting for normality to return

Alex Palou is convinced that IndyCar will celebrate the Indianapolis 500 Miles this season, but does not rule out that it is necessary to postpone the test a second time in case the evolution of the coronavirus makes it necessary. The current date of the race is set for August 23, three months after what was originally planned.

The IndyCar has postponed its star race and has released a revised version of its schedule, which now has 13 races instead of the original 17. The opening date will be Detroit on May 30 and the last Laguna Seca on September 20. But Palou does not rule out more changes if the Covid-19 does not remit.

The Dale Coyne Racing with Team Goh driver has returned to Spain after being forced to go to Costa Rica to renew his visa. Now he remains confined to his home, like the rest of the population. Try to keep in shape with a stationary bike and a simulator, with which you will participate in the virtual competition of the IndyCar.

Palou believes that the Indianapolis celebration is not in danger, but that it will ultimately depend on the coronavirus pandemic giving way. The United States has become in recent days the country with the most coronavirus infections.

“I believe that there will be 500 Miles, but what I do not know is when it will be, because you cannot be sure if the situation will last for a few months. If it improves, I am sure that they will do the race”, he explains in conversation with this bedside from home.

“The IndyCar lives a good part of that race, so I think they will do it. I don’t know when, but I think that is not so important given the current situation.”

It does not rule out that at some point you have to run to the airport to catch a plane back to America, in case Spain announces the closure of its air borders.

“That is the only fear, but I cannot do anything about it and I could not stay in Costa Rica without knowing what was going to happen. It is difficult and it worries me, but we have to see how the situation evolves and trust that we will be lucky” .

In the short term, your only priority is to maintain physical tone. The team’s staff remains confined to Illinois, so teleworking from your floor is limited.

“The team is closed at the moment, they have rest, so there is nothing I can do. We have no private tests scheduled or anything. The only thing we know is the calendar that has been published. We must continue preparing at home and be alert to go to the United States. ”

“I can’t go to the gym or go running, so I have to train at home. It’s the same for everyone. I have ridden a bicycle on a roller and I have a program that allows me to train with more people, and also I do some exercises to keep fit. ”

One of those exercises is the new IndyCar simracing championship, which begins this Saturday.

“The idea came from the same organization. It is a good thing for everyone. We have been asked to drive well, not to do as in Formula 1 races where it seems that there were many accidents. We have prepared a private room in iRacing and in in training we match a dozen pilots at the same time, so it is very well organized. ”

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