Àlex Monner explains why he went to live at Secun de la Rosa’s house to prepare ‘El cover’

This Friday, July 23, ‘El cover’, Secun de la Rosa’s first film, hits theaters. The actor best known for his role as Toni Colmenero in ‘Aída’ actually has several decades of experience as a playwright and theater director behind him. Now he makes his film debut with a musical set in Benidorm and starring Àlex Monner and Marina Salas.

Behind the film there are several very interesting stories, such as the fact that filming was paralyzed after two weeks when the pandemic arrived and they had to resume it months later having lost on the way part of the team, some other cast member and even decorations.

Another curious anecdote of the production occurred before filming: Àlex Monner settled for a time at the home of Secun de la Rosa to prepare the character. “The idea came from knowing that Secun was a good friend of Pilar [Castro]”, explains the Goya revelation nominee for ‘Wild Children’.” When he told me: «Secun is the host, you are going to understand …», I thought: «Damn, I think I can do something that I haven’t never that is to call him and propose to go to his house, especially to talk and get to know each other »”.

The actor of ‘The next skin’ assures that a fundamental part of the creative process that takes place between actors and their directors is “getting to know each other well”. “I swear to you, more than the character himself and the whole of the film,” he insists. For this reason, and with the credentials of Castro, an actress who founded the Caracalva theater company together with De la Rosa in the 90s, Monner began to live with the director for a time to talk about the character and what arose.

You can see the full interview with the actor, the director and Marina Salas in this video.

Putting together a dream cast

The newcomer director has managed to gather a great group of names for this choral musical. In addition to Monner, Salas and the other young protagonists Lander Otaola and Carolina Yuste, ‘El cover’ has consecrated names such as Juan Diego, Carmen Machi and Susi Sánchez and also unearths names from the Spanish underground and eternal secondary to pay homage to them. For Secun de la Rosa, the casting process was a mixture of a lot of insistence and kept promises.

For example, he had to chase Àlex Monner: “I made calls on the poor representative”. While with Marina he was about to do a play years ago, and since then they had agreed to work together at some point. Juan Diego, with whom he coincided in the cast of ‘Casual Day’, then told him that he had to make a drama film as a director. When he called him, the veteran didn’t even think about it. Carmen Machi, with whom he has worked more in theater than in the series that made them famous, had always told him: “I have to be in your first movie”.

Jorge Calvo, Cristina Rueda, Xavi Melero, Ana Hurtado, Tania García, Pepe Ocio, Diego París, Ignacio Mateos … the list continues with names that may not be very famous but form in ‘El cover’ one of the most abundant deals of talent in recent years.

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