Alex “Gato” Zuñiga, in pursuit of a memorable victory in his native Ciudad Acuña

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MEXICO – With great desire to offer a lucid triumph, the boxer Alex “Gato” Zuñiga will return to the strings this Saturday before his fans, when the undercard offered by the promoter Rocky Special Events (EER), chaired by Héctor Sánchez Arredondo , in association with the businessman Vicente Ruiz, parking lot of the Hotel Villa Real de Ciudad, Coahuila.

In the semistellar contest of the evening that leads the fight that will mark the return to the strings of former world champion Wilfredo “Papito” Vázquez Jr., when facing the Monterrey-born Victor “Pitufo” Proa, the talented boxer Alex “Gato” Zuñiga will jump to the strung with the firm intention of winning a memorable victory, against Racel Espino from Gomezpalatino, eight rounds at a weight of 66,000 kilograms.

At his home, the so-called “Gato” Zuñiga returns to the strings to appear in the border town Ciudad Acuña, he seeks to obtain his first victory of the year in his land and before his people.

Víctor Alejandro Zuñiga, 21 years old and with a record of 20 wins, nine of these by way of “pure chloroform”, in exchange for a five setbacks, contemplates adding his second win in a row, in a duel that seems to be extreme full of emotions.

In his hometown and in front of his people, the boxer Alex “Gato” Zuñiga will jump to the string with the firm intention of offering a memorable battle with which he can get back in position to obtain better and attractive opportunities in the sport of fists.


The card heads for the Vázquez vs. Proa can be viewed through the Imperial Boxing Promotions Facebook Live page at a cost of $ 10.


In an international combat, the American Bryan Gorham will face the Gomezpalatino Alejandro Hernández, six episodes in a weight of 144 pounds (65,300 kg).

Texan Roberto Silva will face Edgar “Diablo” Robles, four rounds at heavyweight.

Cody Lee Whehn (Fort Worth, Texas) will fight with Dulio Guzmán, four episodes in a weight of 170 (77,100 kg).

In a mastodon duel, Demonte Randall (Fort Worth, Texas) will face Miguel García (Gómez Palacio, Durango), four turns in 200 pounds (90,000 kg).

The American Reinaldo Graceski will face the Gomezpalatino Gerardo Ramírez, six rounds at cruiserweight.

The boxer from Dallas, Texas, Adrian Taylor will face Jonathan Pérez Leyva from Coahuila, four rounds at an agreed weight of 78,000 kilograms.

The spectacular Chihuahuan boxer Carlos Zaleta will face Cristian Mendoza from Monterrey, six rounds in flyweight.

Another Chihuahuan who will see action is Carlos Vargas, who will face Obed Fernández, four turns at featherweight.

In the duel of Coahuila, Luis “Lobito” Ruiz (San Pedro), will face the local José Ibarra, four rounds at featherweight.

Texan José Acosta will face Rodrigo Rodríguez from Coahuila, four rounds at bantamweight.

The Gomezpalatino Jesús “Chucho” López will fight four episodes weighing 50,000 kilograms with Gerardo Rodríguez from Saltillo.

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