Álex Fernández married Alexia Hernández by the civilian and these are some images of the ceremony

After 10 years of having maintained a solid relationship with Alexia Hernández, surprisingly Alejandro Fernandez Jr, son of ‘El Potrillo’, married by civilian.

This was confirmed by the happy newlywed through his social networks in which he shared images of how they prepared with the help of experts for the most special ceremony of his life through stories on Instagram and then made the news official in an emotional publication.

“I want to share with you that today I lived one of the happiest and most important moments when joining my life with my partner for more than 10 years and my best friend, Alexia, in a civil ceremony that took place in our beloved city of Guadalajara, Jalisco ”, he wrote under an image where he poses with his now wife.

Other relatives like his mother, America Guinart, and his sister Camila Fernandez, they also published small recordings that they were getting ready for an event, although they never revealed which one already judging by the video clips you can see that it was something small and private.

There is no doubt that the Fernández family is living its best moments and continues to grow. First it was Camila’s wedding with Francisco Barba and then the arrival of little Cayetana, the first granddaughter of Alejandro Fernandez who undoubtedly has them very much in love and it could be said that they were distracted from the controversies that surround some members of the Dynasty.

Well, it was recently revealed that ‘El Potrillo’ would have hired young people who belonged to a modeling agency to work as escorts and for a couple of weeks, different media outlets reported the disappearance of Vicente Fernández Jr., son of the famous singer, Vicente Fernández, who so far has not spoken, but the endless rumors about his whereabouts remain in the air.

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