Alex Fernández does not want to let this time of isolation pass without sharing a new topic, so this Friday he premieres El tiempo no perdona, which he dedicates to his father, Alejandro Fernández.

The song was written by Francisco Elizalde and produced by Javier Ramírez.

“The song was sent to my dad, then he forwarded it to my grandfather to listen to it; the truth, I do not remember if he gave it to me to record it or my grandfather decided that I would record it. I fell in love with the song, I couldn’t sing it when I recorded it, because I kept crying. It made me cry as a baby and when my dad heard it… he also cried, because he is quite sentimental. ”Alex shared from his refuge in Puerto Vallarta.

El Heredero is eager for people to listen to the theme that premieres this May 22 on digital platforms and the video can already be seen on YouTube.

“More than nervous, I am eager to see people’s reaction. I’m curious to see the video that mixes images and animation, which is a surprise for my father. The video is the life of a son and a father, from beginning to end, ”said Alex.

Time does not forgive is a song that is dedicated to Alejandro Fernández, which is a continuation of his first album Sigue la dynasty.

Domestic workers, one of the most affected by the pandemic

“During quarantine, everyone is more receptive… I include myself. I am very sentimental, the song also hit me hard and the video was a little strong, but that is the cycle of life. I was happy with the video, which is a simple editorial, because the production is coming later, but it is perfect for Father’s Day. “

The second production is ready, includes 12 songs, but still has no release date due to the uncertainty of the revival of the entertainment industry.

Father and son; he confesses his greatest fear.

Alejandro and Alex Fernández have been very close, now by sharing the same profession, they have become accomplices beyond blood.

“My father has taught me many things, not only in the artistic field, but as a human being, who must respect people and help the people he needs. I would have loved to be my father’s father. I appreciate everything they do. dads for their children, but I see many people that I know, who are ungrateful children for saying it. One of my worst fears that I have in life is that my son will become like that, that makes me reflect on how I I would like my son to go with me. “

Denies existence of bunker

The interpreter from Guadalajara clarified the issue that went viral, about the type of residence that Alejandro Fernández has on the beach.

“First of all, that bunker thing is a myth, I don’t know where it came from that I had made a bunker for anything … the apocalypse, but no, it is a house in Puerto Vallarta and he decided to be here during quarantine, because he is comfortable and we can live together as a family, since we cannot go out and work. “

He added, “I think it came from my sister (Camila) and as a joke she said she was in a bunker, but it’s a house and that’s it.”