Alex de Miñaur He is one of those players who have the speech and attitude on the court fully aligned. His words describe what he shows on the track, without major relief or wrapping. He preaches with continuity and work that is reflected in his nature as a player. And he has made it clear again in a recent chat with the ATP website, where the Australian reflects on his still incipient path in the elite and the keys that he has never abandoned to achieve what he proposes.

– For his youth, De Miñaur has already valued in other interviews the value of day to day.

“Every day counts. You don’t realize that at such a young age, but as soon as you start to mature a little bit and have a couple more years of experience, you realize that if you want to be on top and you want to Playing against the best, you just have to constantly improve. You cannot be satisfied with your level. You must always want more and strive to reach higher levels: higher ranking, higher level matches and, hopefully, also beat higher opponents. level”.

– When did Alex start to feel that tennis was his passion?

“I think as soon as I competed for the first time when I was eight years old I wanted to be a tennis player. I really enjoyed it and since then I have tried to play as much tennis as I could and improve as much as I could. I’m lucky to be in the situation where I’m playing with all these guys that I grew up seeing. “

– Always inspired by the greatest.

“Every time there was a Roger-Rafa final at a Grand Slam event, those were probably the games I saw the most repeated, non-stop. Those are the games that gave me hunger and drive to achieve my dreams as a tennis player and try to keep improving to be able to one day be in that situation. “

– Always look forward, never stop to think about mistakes.

“There are always ups and downs along the way. There are always bumps. But you just have to keep going. If you have the right mindset and you look at things in a positive way, and you get in the right direction … that’s the most important thing. I personally would love to be known as a fun, personable, and really laid-back guy off the court. But also that they knew me because of how I go out on the track and I never give up, a boy who will fight to the end and who if you really want to beat, you will have to humiliate him. “