Alex Caruso He is a player with an unusual hype, that does not escape anyone. But, every game he plays proves he’s not just a player loved by Los Angeles Lakers fans. It may be because many people see him as a player away from those Apollonian physicists who predominate in the NBA and are more like ordinary people or because the lack of talent that can be seen on some occasions, makes up for it with an unquestionable delivery, but Caruso is one of the most beloved Lakers players.

01/14/2020 03:01

The Los Angeles Lakers leader has recently recognized the important role that his partner plays in the Frank Vogel squad

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In the first game of the purple and gold, the base played one of those games that coaches like so much, full of actions that are not reflected in the statistics. But that at the moment of truth they can make the difference between a victory or a defeat. This, in a match as close as the game between the Lakers and the Clippers this morning, weighs heavily.

A game with bad percentages, but imperial for the team

Caruso’s statistics in the match were as follows: he played just under 28 minutes, scored 7 points, captured 4 rebounds, distributed 2 assists and added a steal. These numbers, if we add a percentage of field shots less than 30%, are from a rather mediocre game.

So why has the Texas base encounter been so applauded? Very simple: intangibles. That word that is often used in basketball slang and that for some people is a euphemism for not saying that the game has been disastrous. Something that in the case of Caruso is far from being so.

A decisive robbery

Precisely, the last statistic we have mentioned is the one that defines Caruso’s role in the Lakers very well. With just a minute to go and Vogel’s men dominating by 3 points, the base stole a fundamental ball from Shamet that ended up confirming the victory of the purple and gold. A single robbery, but at the right moment, when everyone was watching LeBron, Kawhi, George or Davis, « Bald Mamba » took the opportunity to steal a ball that gave victory to his team.

Also, the defense he exercised over the rival playmakers was absolutely fantastic. A sticky player, one of those who can’t breathe and knows how to change perfectly to be with the right man.

Therefore, a little more that Caruso aims to be important also in the Playoffs. The base was the second bench player who spent the longest time on the court, behind Kuzma and on top played the decisive moments of the match. This clearly indicates that Vogel is enthusiastic about his performances and when the important moments come, that no one doubts that Caruso will be singing for many minutes.

LeBron is calmer when he is on the track and has said it many times, so the Texan has won a lot having James on his side.