Álex becomes the last expelled from ‘MasterChef’: “I am sad and disappointed”

This Tuesday, and totally apart from the accusations of Jorge Javier Vázquez, La 1 opted for a new installment of MasterChef in its prime time. The program included the visit of The Altar Boy in the first test, which consisted of preparing dishes with different types of flours.

The next challenge was that of the exteriors, which took place in Gijón. From there they went straight to a complex elimination test: the applicants had to rely on butter, something for which they had three opportunities. The biggest problem for the expelled, Alex, was time. For its part, Ofelia, Arnau, Vero and Dani they were saved before facing the third challenge.

So much so, that he came to show the judges a raw fish. The one that also failed in the fish was Maria, who preserves her square for now on the show, albeit with dire warnings from the judges.

“I am sad and disappointed. I’ve messed it up, it’s been a real disaster. I have not been able to give my best and in an elimination test you cannot lower your guard. The experience has been spectacular, I will not give up, “Alex lamented once he was aware of his expulsion.

And, the young man did not present any of the three proposals correctly. Already Sara said that the cake was terrible, but the worst came with the fish, well Álex made the wrong cooking method and presented the sole raw and without sauce. “It was not a menier, because you have to cook it in a butter until it is well cooked and season that butter so that it achieves its characteristic flavor,” Jordi Cruz corrected him.