In these hard times for the whole family, Ana ObregónShe has not felt alone for a single minute. Both in Barcelona, ​​accompanied by Alessadro Lequio and, the last days, by her sisters Celia and Amalia,As in Madrid, the actress has been supported by her family. Just a week ago and a few days ago we saw Ana Obregón and Alessadro Lequio completely broken by the death of their son Álex Lequio, something that no one could imagine because of how he faced his fight against cancer, always with such radiant positivity for the media. Celia and Amalia have left their house to visit their parents.

In the back of the car, we see how there is a cloth on the glass that prevents us from seeing who is inside the vehicle. You suppose it is Ana Obregón, who needs the support and comfort of her parents more than ever. Ana has always been very aware of the state of health of her parents, who in recent years have given the actress some displeasure,that she had her two parents admitted to the hospital as well as her son Álex. Now that her son is gone, she has completely turned to caring for her parents, becoming her best support.

The sisters, their support

Ana Obregón’s sisters have becomethe best support of the actressafter the loss of his son, Álex Lequio, being by his side at all times since they knew the fateful news, to such an extent that he has moved to live with them so as not to pass the grief alone.

In exclusive statements for Europa Press, we have been able to speak with Amalia, who tells us that they are being very hard times for the whole family, assuring that the sisters have always been together and that it would not be less in these hard times.Very cautious when talking about how her sister is, Amalia has left her house to make the purchase, complying with the security measuresestablished to prevent the spread of COVID-19.